Honda just introduced a car filter capable of killing 99.9% of viruses

On Monday 04 January 2021, MailOnline reported to us that the car manufacturer Honda has developed a car filter that is not only able to prevent viruses from entering your vehicle but also destroying those already there. This filter is called Kurumaku, which literally means " car mask ".

This filter would use a zinc phosphate conversion system, the same technology that automakers use to prevent rusting. Honda has also affirmed that Kurumaku is an ecological product, and presents less risk of developing resistant viruses since it does not contain any chemicals.

Honda just introduced a car filter capable of killing 99.9% of viruses
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The automaker made no mention of a link between the design of this car filter and the coronavirus pandemic currently plaguing the planet. However, since the disease spread, automakers have each touted their air filtration systems as a way to protect drivers and passengers from the virus.

99.8% of viruses eliminated in 15 minutes

At this time, Honda's Kurumaku filter is only available in Japan and only for its Honda N-Box Kei vehicle. The price of the filter would be around $ 64 or $ 52 and the automaker has also made it known that this filter is effective for 1 year or until you hit 9,300 miles (14,966 km), depending on what happens in first.

According to information from Jalopnik, a Kurumaku filter placed in a Honda N-Box vehicle managed to kill 99.8% of the molecules of the E.coli bacteria suspended in the air after just 15 minutes and 99, 9% of these molecules were neutralized within 24 hours. The SlashGear website however informs that Kurumaku cannot eliminate viruses from hard surfaces such as doorknobs or stereo knobs.

Will the air filtering system become a sales criterion for manufacturers?

Moreover, Honda is not the only automaker to boast of its filtering system. Chinese automaker Geely has effectively made it known that it launched an air filter for its Icon SUV in February 2020 that is comparable to an N95 mask and filters 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Despite these efforts by automakers to sterilize the interior of their automobiles and provide some protection for drivers and passengers against potential viruses, expert Werner Bergman told the Society of Automotive Engineers that he was skeptical and that he It is almost impossible to have a completely virus-free car interior. He also added that even the best filtering system would be useless once a door or window is opened.

But does that mean that car filters are ineffective? We don't think so, and you?

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