Honor 7 review

The Honor 7 was presented shortly before the summer but it was not until the end of August to see it arrive in Europe. He's been a hot topic over the past few weeks, of course, and some of you may be wondering what's on your mind. If this is your case, then this article should be of great interest to you.

It follows the grip published last weekend. It will go a little further and it will focus on the design of the terminal, of course, but also on its screen, its computing power, its autonomy or even its photo sensor.

Honor 7 Review

The front of the Honor 7 is made entirely of plastic.

It will also focus on certain functions of the on-board overlay and it will even present the functions that caught my eye the most.

In short, you will understand, we have work to do.

Technical characteristics

And we immediately attack with the technical characteristics of the beast.

The Honor 7 has a 5.2-inch IPS LCD screen capable of displaying Full HD 1080p type definition, and therefore 1920 x 1080. This gives a pixel density greater than 420 ppi.

It is driven by a Kirin 935 SoC composed of eight Cortex A53 cores divided into two clusters . The former are clocked at 1.5 GHz, the latter at 2.2 GHz. Behind, there is also a Mali-T628 MP4 GPU and 3 GB of RAM in LPDDR4.

The storage space reaches 16 GB and it will be possible to expand it through a micro SD card (128 GB maximum).

The guy does not have to be ashamed of his competitors in the photo part. It is indeed equipped with a 21 million pixel IMX230 sensor crowned with optics capable of opening at f / 2.0 and a front camera of 8 million pixels as a bonus.

The connectivity is quite complete. There, we are entitled to WiFi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, GPS, GLONASS and 4G. No NFC on the other hand and it's a bit lacking.

The battery reaches a capacity of 3,100 mAh. In addition, it is also necessary to count on a port Nano SIM and a port Micro SIM. The latter can also accept micro SD cards.

The Honor 7 is quite compact (143.2 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm), it weighs around 157 grams and it comes in two distinct colors: silver or gray. It also has a micro USB 2.0 port and it is offered at 349 euros.

Honor 7 Review 1

The terminal shell is made of brushed metal. The effect is very nice.

Honor 7 Review 2

The terminal has a single door, with two SIM cards or a SIM card and a micro SD card on the key.

Honor 7 Review 3

The Honor 7 has an extra button and it will change your life.

Design & Ergonomics

The time has come to move on to the design and ergonomics of the terminal.

The packaging , to begin with, is quite classic. The phone is delivered in a blue box with no visual or even the shadow of a technical feature.

We fall directly on the terminal by opening the box. The accessories are stored in compartments placed below. Not much to say on that side. The offer is quite traditional with documentation, a synchronization cable and a charger unit.

No hands-free kit for my model, however, but this is not surprising because it is a press copy.

The first thing that strikes with the Honor 7 are its finishes. The terminal is indeed equipped with a brushed metal shell and it is light years from what the previous model offered. There, we are clearly on premium and it feels really good.

The facade is more ordinary. Honor has opted for plastic and the borders around its screen are wide enough to let radio waves through. The manufacturer has also cheated a bit by surrounding the slab with a black edging.

The ergonomics may seem conventional but it is not. The three main buttons of the terminal are grouped on the right side and they will allow us to control its volume and turn it on.

The headphone jack and the infra-red port are both placed on the upper edge, which is exactly the opposite of the micro USB connector.

What about the hatch? It is integrated into the left border of the device and it is accompanied by another button placed a little lower this time. It will be possible to associate a maximum of three different actions to it to access certain functions or certain applications more quickly.

The photo module is placed at the back and it protrudes a few millimeters from the hull. It is covered with a sapphire crystal plate and we also have a Dual LED Flash next to it. Honor has also integrated a fingerprint reader underneath. It is extremely effective and it can also be used as a shortcut.

I'll be frank, there is nothing to throw on this Honor 7. It really looks good and we immediately forget that we are dealing with a terminal positioned on the mid-range.

Honor 7 Review 4

Pretty beast, isn't it?

Honor 7 Review 5

The Micro USB port is placed on the lower edge.

Honor 7 Review 6

The hatch giving access to the SIM card.

Screen, Power & Autonomy

Design isn't everything, of course, and that's good enough because the time has come to talk about the terminal screen, but also its computing power and battery life.

The Honor 7 is equipped with a 5.2 inch IPS LCD screen. The panel can display a Full HD type definition and therefore 1920 x 1080. I mentioned it a little above but the pixel density exceeds 420 ppi and the terminal is thus in the high average.

The display is very correct. The brightness of the panel even exceeds that of the P8 and the color rendering sticks quite well to reality. Not much to say either in terms of viewing angles which are quite good.

The touch layer is extremely responsive for its part and it is enough to slide the finger on the screen to trigger a reaction.

What about computing power then? The Kirin 935 consists of eight cores, admittedly, but they do n't all work at the same time. The first cluster is thus responsible for daily tasks and the second is only activated for the most demanding calculations.

I did not encounter any particular problems during these few weeks of testing. The Honor 7 does brilliantly in all daily tasks. The same goes for high definition movies. On the other hand, it will have a little more trouble with the most demanding games.

True to my habit, I ran some benchmarking solutions on the terminal and here are the scores obtained:

  • AnTuTu: 48,636 points.
  • GeekBench: 875 in single-core, 3,106 points in multi-core.

These results should be taken with caution, of course, but nothing prevents you from comparing them with your own terminal.

So what about autonomy? It is very perfectible. The Honor 7 will have no trouble holding the day but you won't be able to push it much further. My personal best is a day and a half but it took a lot of sacrifices to reach this threshold.

I'm not going to lie to you, that disappointed me a lot. I expected much better considering the capacity of the battery.

The good thing about it is that it's super quick to charge so you won't need to leave it plugged in for hours.

Honor 7 Review 7

The photo module stands out a few millimeters from the hull.

Honor 7 Review 8

The headphone socket and the infrared transmitter are grouped together on the upper edge.

Honor 7 Review 9

The screen is framed by a black border.

Photo & Video

It's no secret, but digital compacts have gradually given way to our smartphones. More and more of us are using our terminal to shoot all the magic moments of our daily lives.

Honor understood that he had a card to play in this field.

The Honor 7 thus embeds a Sony IMX230 sensor of 20 million pixels crowned with a wide-angle optic capable of opening at f / 2.0. Unfortunately, it lacks optical stabilization.

In fact, the focus is a little faster and the terminal is even capable of delivering good quality shots with a nice sharpness in the center and a fairly correct color reproduction. Nothing to say about the dynamics except that it is excellent.

The white balance sometimes tends to turn yellow in low light (like all smartphones on the market) but the phenomenon is less marked than on the Honor 6.

In any case, the post processing is more than correct.

The same goes for videos. Optical stabilization is a bit lacking, it's true, but the phone will be more than enough for home-type use.

The photo application is both intuitive and well thought out. It incorporates several shooting modes including one designed for … good food. The Honor 7 also puts the package on the Light Painting and this should not really surprise you since it was the same for the P8 .

There, we will have something to have fun with the light trail, light graffiti, long exposure mode or even stardust.

Behind, Honor has also set up some creative filters, an HDR mode, a Time Lapse mode and a lot of other things of the same type. It will even be possible to take control of the sensitivity, the white balance, the exposure, the saturation or even the contrast. It just lacks a manual mode.

Not much to say about the front camera. She defends herself well and she should delight lovers of selfies . Proof of this is that she even manages to produce clear shots when I take a picture of myself with my daughter.

Honor 7 Review 10

The Honor 7 can be operated with just one hand without much difficulty.

Honor 7 Review 11

The photo application is rather easy to use.

Honor 7 Review 12

The Honor 7 puts the package on Light Painting and it's not really surprising.

Functions & Overlay

The Honor 7 comes with the very latest version of the in-house overlay. It was mentioned in detail in my review of the P8 but I will still review its main features.

The lock screen is identical to that of the other overlays. It brings up a lot of information such as date or time and there is even a button to access the camera.

Not much to say about the home screens. They can accept shortcuts, widgets, or folders. The user will be able to personalize his screen background but also the transitions between the screens.

The action center is divided into two tabs.

The first will display the alerts generated by the applications, the second will take care of the quick shortcuts. We are on a fairly traditional configuration.

There is no drawer, however , and all installed applications will be automatically added to the home screens, one after the other. It also means that you will need to clean regularly.

The research is based a bit on Spotlight. It will suffice to hook a home screen and pull it down to bring up a search field with the latest open applications. It will therefore not be necessary to multitask to switch from one tool to another.

Talking about it, multitasking is pretty conventional. Applications are displayed on a simple grid made up of several thumbnails. Just grab an item and throw it upwards to close the tool. It is quite effective.

On the sidelines, we also have two or three more functions.

In particular, it will be possible to associate three actions with the button placed on the left edge. Thanks to it, we will be able to light the torch or even launch an application without having to poke around on the terminal. It is obviously very practical.

The same goes for the fingerprint reader which will not only be used to identify us. In reality, it will be enough to slide your finger in one direction or another to open the notification center or access multitasking. To return to the home screen, just press it for a few seconds.

As if that weren't enough, the Honor 7 can also be controlled by gestures. We will only have to wear it to the ear to pick up or turn it over to mute, for example. The overlay also incorporates a voice recognition system and we will only have to pronounce a simple key phrase to wake up the phone and give it our instructions.

Only downside, it sometimes tends to activate … for no reason and it also consumes a lot of energy.

Honor 7 Review 13

The notification center is structured around two separate tabs.

Honor 7 Review 14

Research, so practical.

Honor 7 Review 15

Multitasking is pretty conventional, but it's still very effective.


The time has come to deliver my verdict to you.

The perfect terminal does not exist, of course, and the Honor 7 ultimately suffers from one flaw: its autonomy . I really expected better from that side, especially with a 3100 mAh battery.

Nothing to say about the power, however. The terminal did wonderfully during these few weeks of testing. After that, he didn't have the opportunity to run a lot of games either. If you spend your days glued to headlines, the Kirin 935 may quickly show its limits.

The photo / video part literally blew me away, however. I did not expect to obtain such results with a phone positioned on the mid-range and it proves that manufacturers can still make efforts in this area.

In short, at this price, the Honor 7 fully deserves your attention. And if you don't have big gaming needs, you can even go for it with your eyes closed.

To be honest, I would have kept it.

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