Horse reality smart tips to make money

How to make money in horse reality: Horse Reality is a free online horse simulator. It will teach you about horse breeds and color genetics.

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Horse Reality has four. Each currency has various ways to get it. The menu’s top bar indicates your currency balance.


How to make money in horse reality details

How to make money in horse reality details

 Brief details about how to get wildlife tickets in horse reality:

horse reality update: Equinodes (HRC)

Horse Reality Coins (HRC) are the game’s currency. Your HRC balance menu item shows your transaction history and bank account.

HRC may also be used to buy horses on the market, buy up to 25 stables, buy a round pen, pay club dues, show or competition entry fees, stud fees, and buy Equistore merchandise.

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How to make money in horse reality insights

horse reality energy  insights

Tricks about how to make money in horse reality

Tricks about How to make money in horse reality

 How to make money in horse reality  step by step:

D.P. (D.P.)

Delta Points are named after Deloryan and Tamara. Click on your D.P. balance to check your transactions and buy D.P. for cash. New players start with no D.P. but get it as they level up.

Only DP may be bought with actual money, although they can also be earned (see table above). In-game D.P. gain slows when a player levels up. Earning D.P. is limited since they finance the game. But this money unlocks benefits and features. Consider the value of D.P. and your long-term plan while allocating them.

Delta Store decor and services cost D.P.:

A backdrop is a costume for your horses. Some are year-round, while others are seasonal. Removing a horse’s background recovers one use.
– 1st Class Air Ticket: Using a ticket decreases your cooldown by half.
– V.I.P.

Other uses for D.P. include:

(after the 25 purchased for H.R.C. and the 25 obtained by leveling up) – Ageing a horse for 75 D.P.
– Stud costs – Currency exchange – 500 DP (plus 1.500 HRC monthly).


How to make money in horse reality

How to make money in horse reality

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in horse reality?

horse reality foal predictor: Tickets for (FT)

Each horse costs FT. 1 FT and 5.000 HRC. 5 FT for newbies.

Birds Pass (WT)

WT is necessary to enter wild horse parks. 5 FT for newbies In a wildlife park, WT is diminished whether you capture or simply sight a wild horse.

How to make money in horse reality essential info

How to make money in horse reality essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

where is the bank in horse reality: Update its profile to sell it. 1 – 7 days trading. You may specify an auction’s start and end bids—either 1.000 HRC. See below for details. Until someone buys it, you accept the highest offer, or you actively cancel the contract. If not, the transaction will expire.


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