How do I create a survey on Google+?

Google+ is apparently far from dying. Proof of this is that its owner has just announced excellent news: the deployment of surveys has begun . In other words, it's only a matter of hours, or days, before you can flood your community with a host of existential questions. Nothing can stop progress.

And the funny thing about the story is that they are already in place on some pages. The rascals at Mashable even had fun creating a beautiful poll yesterday, late afternoon. A rather simple survey, moreover, since it invites Internet users to choose their favorite mobile platform between… iOS and Android.

How Do I Create A Survey On Google

My polls are beautiful, they are beautiful. And I voted for Google+ otherwise. Because I am a coward.

Fun, isn't it? Needless to say, it is the little green robot that wins the vote and this is not surprising given the fact that the question was asked … on a social network belonging to Google. And even if the apple crunchers also frequent it, well we suspect that the pro-Android are very present – and very active – on the platform.

A simple, efficient and visual tool

Anyway, the good news of the day is that the polls are also available on the intactearnings page , and I had the opportunity to have a little fun with them last night.

To create one, it's not complicated, everything will happen from the window allowing you to publish a new status. This is indeed where we will find a new button to create a survey.

A box will open. At the very top, you will need to enter your question. Then at the bottom you will have the choices which will appear next to each other. By default, you will only find two, but you can add more by clicking on the appropriate button. Be careful though because you can only enter a maximum of five choices. If necessary, you can also add a nice illustration by clicking on the corresponding gray area. You are free to rely on an image stored locally on your machine or on the web.

Like all publications, you will also have the possibility to define your target and thus restrict the display of the survey to certain groups, or to certain users. When everything is finished, all you have to do is click on the “Share” button.

The survey will appear right away on your page, just like any post. The question will be placed at the top, in the white part, quickly followed by the illustration defined in the previous step. Above, we will find the buttons corresponding to your answers. Subscribers to your page will then just have to click on the proposal of their choice to record their vote.

When this is done, the results will appear immediately, with a really neat little animation.

I don't know if everyone will use this function but I find it really damn good.

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