How do I download the new version of Google Calendar now?

Google presented the next version of its Agenda earlier this week. It is obviously very promising, but unfortunately it is not possible to take advantage of it at the present time. Well not officially, because there is a method to install it now on any terminal running at least Android 4.0.3. How? 'Or' What ? The whole question is there, but this article will help you see it a little more clearly.

Google Calendar 5.0, that's the name of this version, marks a real break in the history of the firm. It was not designed as a simple calendar, but as a powerful assistant capable of anticipating our needs.

How Do I Download The New Version Of Google Calendar Now

Google Calendar 5.0 wants to revolutionize the concept of calendar, and it could well achieve its ends.

It embeds a lot of interesting functions. I'm thinking in particular of the automatic creation of appointments, or even of this new view presenting all the events recorded in a list, in the form of tasks.

Download and install Google Calendar 5.0

So of course, Google Calendar will end up putting its bags down in the Play Store, but you won't have to wait because the APK file is available for download on the web.

To install it, however, you must take care to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources , an option that you can find in the settings of your terminal, and more precisely on the side of the options related to security.

Then, all you have to do is follow the following steps, from your phone or tablet:

Depending on the configurations, your terminal may refuse to launch the installation of the program from the notification center. If this is to happen to you, then you will only have to go through a dedicated application, like File Commander . There, normally, everything should be fine.

There you go, now I just have to take a serious look at the application to see what it is all about.

How Do I Download The New Version Of Google Calendar Now 1

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