How do I enable Full HD for streaming from Xbox One?

Microsoft has integrated a rather particular streaming function into Windows 10. Thanks to it, players can effectively retrieve the games from their Xbox One on their computer and thus continue their games without having to squat their television. Nice, especially since there is a hidden function to broadcast the stream in high definition.

The thing is, this function is not specially accessible. In reality, to take advantage of it, you have to go hack into the system configuration files.

How Do I Enable Full Hd For Streaming From Xbox One

Activating Full HD streaming on the Xbox One is not necessarily complicated… when you know how to do it.

It also means that this manipulation is reserved for an informed public. It will also be preferable to save your data and your configuration before you start so you can go back in case of a problem.

All you have to do is edit a simple file.

In addition, know that it will be better to have a big bike to be able to broadcast this famous stream in high definition. A big bike and, above all, a big graphics card.

If all is well on your end, then just take the following steps.

Start by sticking to your computer. Open Windows Explorer by going to the start menu or tapping Cortana. Then go to drive C, in your personal folder. Open the “AppData” directory then go to “Local” and “Package”.

There you will find a folder named “Microsoft.XboxApp”. Inside, you will have to open the “LocalState” directory and then edit the “userconsoledata” file with the notepad or any other editor.

When this is done, you will have to go down to the line “<IsInternalPreview> false” and replace the value “false” with a magnificent “true”. When this is done, all you have to do is save the file to activate Full HD on streaming.

If ever your computer shows signs of weakness, it will be enough to redo the manipulation in the opposite direction and to replace the “true” by “false”.

Have fun !

To summarize :

  1. Get on your computer.
  2. Launch File Explorer.
  3. Go to the “C: \ Users \% USERNAME% \” folder.
  4. Go to the “AppData \ Local \ Packages \” folder.
  5. Open the "Microsoft.XboxApp" folder.
  6. Open the “LocalState” subfolder.
  7. Edit the “userconsoledata” file.
  8. Look for the line “<IsInternalPreview> false”.
  9. Replace the “false” with a “true”.
  10. Save the file.


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