How do I fix Windows 10? – 5 useful solutions

How do I fix Windows 10? – 5 useful solutions

There are several reasons why the Windows 10 operating system needs repairs and there are several solutions with which you can restore it without a complete installation and without losing your data, which we present in more detail in the article below.

Before, when you had problems with the operating system, you had to reinstall it, which was not a very handy solution, you lost data, programs and required the presence of a person who is well trained in the field. Now there are some simple solutions with which you can make a Windows 10 repair, even if you do not have extensive knowledge in the field. Here are some methods.

How to activate windows 10?

It is a very used operating system and you can use it, being with a simple and very friendly interface, with various and very useful applications. You need to know how to activate Windows 10 in order to work after installation.

Activation helps you check if the version used is original and has not been used before. It can be done with a digital license or a product key. In case you have certain problems, it is good to do a Windows 10 license check, to be sure first of all that you do not have to renew the license.

The digital license is related to the computer hardware and you do not have to do anything, it is automatically transferred when you enter the internet and access the Microsoft account. The product key has 25 characters and must be entered: Start – Settings – Update and security – Activation – Update the product key – Change the product key.

How do I fix Windows 10? – 5 useful solutions

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