How do I install the OS X El Capitan public beta?

OS X El Capitan was presented during the last WWDC and developers can enjoy it since then thanks to the program put in place by Apple . Yes, and now it's your turn to test the beast because the Bitten Apple has just launched the public beta. And if you don't know how to take advantage of it, then this article should be of great interest to you.

El Capitan will bring many new features but not all of them will be visible. Far from it even because the Cupertino company preferred to focus on the performance of the system.

How Do I Install The Os X El Capitan Public Beta

The OS X El Capitan Public Beta has just started and you can start enjoying it now.

Quite a wise choice, if you want my humble opinion. And that's what prompted him to integrate Metal into the OS. Thanks to it, your Mac should be a lot more responsive and that's great news for anyone who has been disappointed with Yosemite's performance.

How to install the OS X El Capitan public beta on my Mac?

But the rascal is not limited to that and the engineers of the firm also took the opportunity to integrate a new mode allowing to place two applications side by side in full screen and to review the operation of Mission Control.

All these new features were also mentioned in this article .

If you want to test the public beta, it's not complicated as you have to go to this page and click on the “register” button or on the “log in” link if you are already a member.

There you will need to identify yourself using your Apple account. When this is done, you will still have to accept the terms of use by clicking on the appropriate button.

After that, Apple will send you to another page where you will find a button to download the OS from the Mac App Store. You will just have to wait while the operation is coming to an end. The procedure may take several minutes (hours?) So it will be best to be patient.

Ah, and it will obviously be better to back up all the content on your Mac before you start, if only to avoid unpleasant surprises.