How do I integrate Dropbox with Gmail?

Gmail is currently one of the most used webmails in the world and this is not surprising because this solution is also one of the most complete of its kind. Yes and the best thing in history is that it is even possible to add features to it by relying on dedicated extensions like… that of Dropbox .

It's been a few years now that Gmail has integrated a button to insert an attachment from Google Drive. The tool is extremely well done and it only takes one click to explore the content of his personal cloud.

How Do I Integrate Dropbox With Gmail

Integrating Dropbox with Gmail doesn't have to be very complicated.

Pretty cool, but obviously not everyone uses this service and many of us even have a Dropbox account.

Just install a dedicated extension to integrate Dropbox with Gmail

Even my hairdresser has one, that's to say. Yes and if this is also your case, then this article should interest you a lot because it will allow you to integrate the solution into your Gmail. And be careful because you won't even need to get your hands dirty to achieve your ends.

To get started, you will have to follow this link and identify yourself in the process. There, you will find yourself facing a button offering to activate an extension. Click once on it. A flyout window will appear at the top of the page, asking you to validate your choice.

You just have to click on the button “Activate the extension” to start the installation procedure.

It will not last more than a few seconds. When everything is in order, your browser will open your Gmail inbox in a new tab.

Then click on the button to start writing a new message. The service will open a flyout window in the lower right corner. At the very bottom, in the toolbar, you'll find a new icon representing the Dropbox logo.

Simply click on it to explore the contents of your storage space.

Then select the file of your choice and click on the “insert link” button to… insert a link to your message. It will point to the document and your loved ones will only have to click on it to be able to retrieve it.

It's quick, easy and painless. I installed this extension at home and Chrome still runs great.

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