How do I play Snake in Google Maps?

Google has always had a penchant for easter eggs and the search giant has a habit of hiding a good number of animations and small games in its various services. Google Maps is of course no exception to the rule.

On the contrary, the service is even very generous in this area as we have seen on numerous occasions ( here and there for example).

How Do I Play Snake In Google Maps

Did you know that it is possible to play Snake in Google Maps?

They do not all play on the same level, however, and some of them stand out a little more from the crowd. This is the case with this one.

Snake available in Google Maps

Not everyone knows it, but it is quite possible to play Snake on Google Maps.

Best of all, the procedure to activate it is not very complicated. Be careful, however, because it will require you to go through a portal other than the one you know. Google has indeed chosen to do things a little differently this time:

  • Start by opening your browser.
  • Type in the app's address bar.
  • Enter “ ” or click directly on the link.
  • Then hit the “start” button.
  • Select the city that will serve as the backdrop.
  • Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to steer the bus.

Google has done it right and its Snake works just as well on desktop as it does on mobile. On the other hand, if you decide to play it on your phone, then it will be necessary to carry out scans to control your bus. In itself this is not a problem, but this control mode is a bit more sensitive and therefore it will make the game more difficult.

Note that each city has its own atmosphere. The bus will change its look depending on whether you are in London, Cairo or Sydney. The same goes for the characters that you will have to pick up.

As a reminder, Snake was made famous… by the Nokia. The title was indeed preinstalled on the brand's older cellphones, which has greatly contributed to its popularity. Since then, many adaptations have emerged and Google has therefore also wanted to ride the trend.

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