How do I sign a document on OS X Yosemite?

OS X Yosemite has been available for all apple eaters for a few weeks now, and it looks like its adoption rate is doing pretty well. He would even have done better than Mavericks, according to Chitika's latest study. Not surprisingly given the many new features it offers, of course. And in fact, there is one that you may have missed, and that concerns electronic signatures.

I don't know what it is for you, but I frequently receive documents to sign by email. More often than not, these are contracts for the loan of equipment, if you want to know everything.

How Do I Sign A Document On Os X Yosemite

Signing with Preview is easy and free.

For a long time, I was determined to print them to sign them, then to scan them in order to return them to their sender. And then, one fine day, while browsing, I came across a very handy trick to embed a signature from the viewer built into OS X. Preview, to put it mildly.

Preview, this friend who wants you (apparently) well

With Yosemite, Apple wanted to go a little further to simplify the lives of its users and it is now possible to sign any document from the application, as simply as possible and by using … the keypad touch screen of his computer . It also works with the Magic Trackpad, of course.

How it works ? Most simply in the world, in fact. The first thing to do will be to open your document in PDF format with Preview. If your contact has sent you a .DOC or a .DOCX, you will have to remember to convert the file first, using Pages or any other software of the same type.

Then, well you will click on the small buffer present in the toolbar of the application, to the left of the search field. A new horizontal bar will then appear below, a bar made up of a number of buttons.

The one you're interested in is to the right of the “T”, and it looks like… a signature. After clicking on it, a menu will appear before your eyes and you will have to go and look for the option “Create a signature” . All you have to do then is draw on your computer's touchpad, and validate everything by pressing a key.

The signature will be automatically added to the document and you will then only have to move it to the desired location. By the way, you can also resize it by playing with the marks of the selection rectangle.

What about the other documents? It will suffice to do the same thing again but you will no longer have to create your signature because it will have been memorized by the system. It will even appear in the small menu mentioned above if you want to know everything.

This should save you a lot of time on a daily basis.

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