How do you know if a used iPhone has been stolen?

IPhone theft is a common occurrence, unfortunately, and it is precisely for this reason that extreme care should be taken when buying a new used phone. Because it is not always easy to determine exactly where it comes from, Apple has put in place a new tool that should be of great service to you.

Not everyone knows it, but iOS 7 includes a tool to make a stolen iPhone unusable. Her name ? Activation Lock, and you just have to configure the Find my iPhone function to be able to use it, and therefore to be able to block your terminal remotely.

How Do You Know If A Used Iphone Has Been Stolen

Has your future iPhone been stolen? There is a method to find out.

Convenient, isn't it? Sure, but how do you know if a phone has been blocked before buying it used? In reality, it is not complicated.

Access Activation Lock online, from

To begin with, you will have to ask the seller for the serial number of the terminal or, if applicable, its EMEI. If you are not familiar with the matter, know that this information is not very complicated to obtain since you only have to turn on the phone and dial * # 06 # . Then, well the famous code will be displayed automatically and you will then only have to note it and put it aside.

If necessary, you can also obtain it by going to the device settings, in the “General” and “Information” sections. It should appear at the very bottom of the list. Afterwards, you can also connect the phone to your computer and go through iTunes.

Then, well you will have to go to this page and enter the code in the field dedicated to this purpose. Apple will then ask you to enter the code displayed on the image and you will just have to click on the appropriate button to go and validate your request. Your browser will then connect to the servers of the NSA of the firm and the usual verifications will be made immediately.

If the IMEI number links to a stolen phone then the tool will let you know and it will be done.

It's pretty simple, isn't it? Certainly and as much to say that it is advisable to use this tool before proceeding with the purchase, naturally. Just to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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