How easy it is to write with diacritics

How easy it is to write with diacritics

There are many times when you need to write, an official paper, an application, make a project, etc., with diacritics and if you still do not know how to use them, read this article that shows you how you can easily access them and Easy.

In Romanian, diacritics are also used to write an official text (even an e-mail) or even personal ones, being easier to follow, you need to know how you can easily find them on the keyboard. A few years ago, the process was more laborious , requiring either inserting certain characters that were similar to the ones you wanted to use, or using certain key combinations, processes that made typing much harder and slowed down the user.

Now you can easily use diacritics in Word or other text writing programs , and in this article you will find more data that will answer questions like: how do I write with diacritics, what fonts do I use, I can handle myself install etc.

What are diacritics?

Before answering the question "how do I write with diacritics?" it is good to clarify another aspect, namely: what are these. Diacritics are those graphic signs that are added to a letter to give it a certain specific value .

The term diacritics comes from the Greek, from the wording "dia kratikos", which can be translated into Romanian "which distinguishes". In other words, you can use Romanian diacritics to distinguish certain letters of the alphabet, which are similar to each other, but have a different pronunciation: a, i, s, t.

Specific diacritics are also used in most languages and you can find out, in case you need them, how to find them, being also programs with online diacritics. In this article we refer especially to how to write using diacritics in Romanian.

How easy it is to write with diacritics

How do you add the Romanian keyboard in Windows 10?

As there are many people who use diacritics in Word or another writing program and have Windows as their operating system, we refer in the first instance to a simple and easy method for everyone, namely adding the keyboard in Romanian .

Windows 10 diacritics

In order to easily use diacritics in Windows 10, you can add the Romanian keyboard as follows:

  • In the beginning, look for "settings" and enter the destination window;
  • From here you choose "time & language";
  • The next choice is "region & language", with the click of a button;
  • From the list that opens you will choose the language you want to add (Romanian if you want to use diacritics ro or another language you use often) and then click on "options";
  • Next, select "add a keyboard" and choose "romanian" from the list.

Thus, you have added another keyboard and it appears at the bottom of the screen, on the bar on the right, next to other information such as date, time, etc. You can easily change the language and use the diacritical keypad to type the desired text.

Where can you find diacritics on a Romanian keyboard?

If you have a text to write with diacritics, switch to the Romanian keyboard and use either the keys already written and the diacritics in Romanian, or the following keys:

  • To use the [located immediately after the letter P on the right;
  • For î is the next key ] ;
  • If you need s , you can find it on the next line, to the right of the letter L, the key with ; ;
  • Besides, the key ^ or @ you can use t
  • There is also â which you can find using the \ or # key.

Thus, you can add diacritics in the text, a simple and easy procedure that anyone can do.

What other options do you have?

If you have a text in which you did not use the Romanian keyboard, you can put diacritics by other methods. In the online environment you can find a diacritical converter to help you do this operation automatically, without having too much hassle, being necessary only to carefully check the text at the end, for small tweaks.

A variant is d i very easy to use, enter the application and enter text, with a limit of 1000 characters then just press the button below to add accents, and, automatically, the text changes.

It is a very convenient diacritical program to use and it is not necessary to do other operations, only needing an internet connection. The text can then be copied, taken to another text editor, with a correct writing with diacritics.

How easy it is to write with diacritics

Other information

Now that you have seen how to write using diacritics, you need to know some other information that can help you.

For example, you can use fonts with diacritics , having a list of hundreds of such fonts, which you can download for free from the internet. It helps you when you work on different advertising materials and you want to write in more special letters, but to keep the Romanian characters.

Some fonts that you find in the lists , when you use the Romanian keyboard, do not have the respective characters and make different replacements, either with something similar, or with characters that have nothing to do or, simply, with white squares.

It is also possible to have a text with Romanian characters and to need to remove the diacritics , for various reasons. You can use automatic programs from the online environment to remove diacritics. They are very easy to use, enter the text, press the button with diacritical marks and they will be replaced with the letters a, i, s, t.

Be careful what program you choose, some being only for Romanian, and if you have other signs in the text, for example with accents, they may not be removed.

We hope that I have answered your question how I write with diacritics and you will start using them when you write a text. On the other hand, if you like to read on the ebook reader or even on the computer, tablet, phone, choose books in Romanian with diacritics, being much easier to follow the text.

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