how much is the apple watch series 7

Apple reigns somewhat in the smartwatch market. Sure, the Apple Watch has a lot of competition, but it remains the best-selling watch in the world. And as sure as we will have new iPhones coming back to school next, an Apple Watch Series 7 will soon show the tip of its nose.

And the time seems right to talk about it a little. Apple Insider has indeed found a very interesting patent that could change the way we use the watch.

how much is the apple watch series 7

A patent related to a new haptic technology.

A new haptic system for the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch is equipped with a haptic engine. Very thin, the latter can generate vibrations of different intensities depending on our actions or the notifications received by the watch. Not very powerful, it is still enough to wake us up in the morning or to remind us that we must get up every hour to stay healthy.

Well, it seems that the brand has other avenues under study.

Apple Insider has indeed come across a new patent filed by the brand, a patent called “Portable electronic device having a haptic device with a mobile battery cell”. Not very sexy, that's for sure, but this title at least has the merit of summarizing the concept well.

No more need for a real haptic engine

The idea would therefore be to couple the battery of an Apple Watch with its screen, in a set that could induce an “oscillatory movement” and at the same time produce a haptic feedback. Thanks to this somewhat particular architecture, Apple would no longer need to integrate a physical haptic engine into its watch – which would allow it at the same time to free up some space for other components. Like a larger capacity battery, for example.

If this patent does not lack appeal, it remains a patent. Apple deposits hundreds of them each year, and they are far from all having a concrete application. As you will have understood, caution is required and nothing says that this technology will find its place on board the Apple Watch Series 7 – or even future models.

In the meantime, our Apple Watch Series 6 review awaits you here .

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