How to activate the incognito mode of Google Maps?

Google Maps may be a very comprehensive and useful service, but sometimes it is a little too intrusive. And you only need to access your personal history at least once to see it since the solution tracks each of its users. Which may surprise… or worry.

Google is of course aware of the problem and this is precisely what prompted the firm to integrate an incognito mode into its mobile application.

How To Activate The Incognito Mode Of Google Maps

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Accessible only on Android for the moment, this famous mode is still being deployed. It is therefore possible that it is not active in your home.

Google Maps now offers an incognito mode

Still, it should interest a lot of people. As Google indicates on its support page, the incognito mode of Google Maps casts a fairly wide net. Once activated, the application will therefore stop recording all data relating to searches for places and the history of places visited.

That's good, but that's not all. Activating the incognito mode on Google Maps will also have the effect of preventing the application from collecting data related to the use of the phone. Data which will therefore no longer be transmitted to Google.

However, and as indicated a little above, the incognito mode of Google Maps is not yet activated on all accounts and it will not be in any case for several days.

It remains that to activate it, it will not be necessary to look very far.

Once the application has been launched on your smartphone, you will only have to follow the following steps:

  • Tap on your profile photo, to the right of the search box.
  • Tap on “activate incognito mode”.

And that's all. Once the mode is activated, a gray banner will appear at the top of the map to let you know. From that moment on, Google Maps will no longer record any data on your searches and movements.

And of course, to deactivate the incognito mode, it will be enough to redo the same steps and to tap again on the link located in the profile menu.

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