How to activate YouTube dark mode?

YouTube likes to indulge from time to time to crazy experiments and the service has been testing a dark mode precisely since this morning with some handpicked users. If you're not one of them, that's no big deal, as there is a trick to activate it.

This famous trick is not very complicated to implement, but it only works with Chrome for the moment.

How To Activate Youtube Dark Mode

Good point, however, it works on Windows and macOS. Suddenly, everyone will be able to benefit from it and this also applies to our friends who eat apples.

YouTube is testing a dark mode with some users

As the name suggests pretty well, YouTube's dark mode is all about ditching the white background and switching to a black background so you can rest your eyes and focus on what really matters: the videos on our website. favorite channels.

For the moment, the function is not accessible to all users and it is therefore necessary to go through a small tweak to be able to take advantage of it.

So start by launching Chrome and going to YouTube. Then wait for the page to load. When displayed, simply open the browser's developer tools by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + J or right-clicking on the page and going for the “Inspect” option.

Then click on the Console tab. It is in the upper part of the window that has just appeared before your eyes, wedged between the elements and the source. Next, make sure you click to the right of the ”>” symbol to activate the input and just paste this line:


Confirm your choice by pressing the “enter” key on your keyboard. Congratulations, the hard part is done.

It's all in the console

Yes, but it's not over yet. Now, you will indeed have to reload the page or open a new tab and then click on the portrait of your account, at the top right. There you will normally see a menu made up of several options. To activate dark mode, all you have to do is find the entry “Dark mode: disabled” and click on the cursor that will appear on the screen to activate it.

YouTube did it right and that famous dark mode will stay on all the time until you turn it off. However, it will only be activated on this browser, and not the others.

How to activate YouTube dark mode?

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