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How To Avoid The Spikes Of Rca Insurers How to avoid the spikes of RCA insurers? There have been many cases in which the insured or the damaged have been tricked by insurers or even by insurance brokers. Drivers must pay close attention and be on their toes when closing a compulsory car insurance policy. The same happens in the case of drivers who have been hit and are to be compensated by the car insurer that caused the damage. Most of the time the insurers will invoke various reasons and will use all sorts of tricks to avoid paying the repair.

I will provide below clear explanations on how to avoid such cases.

How to make sure that the RCA policy offered by the broker is covered?

It's simple, first of all check the broker where you end the policy. It must be authorized by the ASF (fiscal supervisory authority) former CSA (insurance supervision commission).

At the end of the policy, the customer must receive the policy with the green card and proof of payment, the latter being very important! The policy can be canceled at any time and in the absence of the receipt, the client remains damaged by the broker. Five days after the end of the policy, its validity can be checked online in the CEDAM database . If it is not valid, you can go against the broker.

What aspects should you pay attention to and what do you need to know when you are the victim of an accident in order not to be damaged by the insurer?

It is known that in Romania, certain insurers do their best not to compensate. This can be avoided quite easily if you take certain things into account.

Accidents can be resolved either amicably or by the parties to the Police . In none of the cases are you obliged to go to the insurer's headquarters in order for it to ascertain the damage, the insurer is the one who has to travel on the spot.

The amicable settlement can only be made when there are a maximum of two vehicles involved and there are no victims. If there are victims or more than two vehicles involved, the presence of a police officer is mandatory.

In case of amicable settlement, the following documents are required to open the claim file:
– amicable form filled in correctly by both drivers involved
– copy of the RCA policy of the "guilty" car
– copy of the coupons of both cars involved in the event
– copy of the driving license of the guilty driver
– copy of the car owner's bulletin "guilty"
– copy of the contract of sale and purchase of the "guilty" car

In case of an event solved by the police , things change a little. In this case, the required documents are fewer (coupon, permit, bulletin and copies of RCA policies) and will be required only at the police headquarters.

The police will issue a note of finding prepared by an agent, a note of finding that will then serve the insurer to start the claim file.

The reasons often invoked by the insurer for not paying or opening the claim file

When the finding has been made amicably, the insurer has no right to ask the victim victim for a copy of the driver's license or at least his presentation. If the driver has a license, has it suspended, expired, etc. it is strictly the job of the police and not of the insurer who must compensate the damage anyway.

Failure to register the "guilty" car with the tax authorities is another reason often invoked by insurers for non-payment. Whether or not the car is registered with the tax authorities is strictly the responsibility of the tax authorities and not of the insurer who must open the damage file and pay the damage.

If the event was resolved by the police by issuing the finding note, the reasons invoked by insurers to obstruct the start of the claim file differ. It will be related to the fact that there are no children after the driver's license and after the driver's license of his car, although they are not necessary being included in the finding note prepared by the police officer!

Other important things to know so as not to be fooled by the insurer

The insurer cannot impose a specific service. The service where the car will be repaired will be strictly decided by its owner, the only condition is that the chosen service is an authorized RAR.
The finding of the damage would be indicated to be made at an authorized service for the car brand that is to be repaired. In any case, after finding the agent from the insurance company, a reconstitution can be made in the service without problems.
The ascertaining agent most of the time does not have any technical knowledge, so his ascertainment is not very important, he insists for a finding at the authorized service!

Another important thing is not to accept compromises. You don't even engage in a negotiation with the ascertaining agent about whether a part needs to be repaired or replaced. The only ones who can decide this are the ones from the authorized service.
The insurer has the RIGHT to request a reconstitution if it was later thought that there would be doubts about the first finding. However, this reconstitution must be requested within a maximum of 5 days from the opening of the damage file, a subsequent request is void!
Does not accept car repairs with parts of dubious or used origin. The insurer is obliged to pay what parts you want within the amount of the RCA policy on which the repair is performed.
The insurer's obligation is to pay the damage within a maximum of eleven calendar days from the date on which the claim was filed, regardless of whether the repair was made on its own or in an agreed service.

Hoping that the above lines were useful and clarified some aspects, all that remains is to wish you the best possible roads and without events!

For any conflict or irregularity found with the insurer, immediately contact the ASF (fiscal supervisory authority) former CSA.
I provide the contact details of ASF below:
Phone: 0800825627

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