How to backup call log and SMS on Android?

On Android , there are many solutions to quickly backup call log and SMS / MMS but they are not always easy to use. Worse, sometimes, you even have to take out the credit card to take advantage of it. This will not be the case with Telephony Backup and that is precisely what makes the point.

As its name indicates quite well, Telephony Backup will allow you to export all the data contained in your call log and in your mailbox to make a local backup.

How To Backup Call Log And Sms On Android

Saving the call log and received messages on Android is not complicated… with the right tool.

The idea is obviously to allow you to keep track of all this data, and then find it from another terminal.

Install and use Telephony Backup

But let's get straight to the heart of the matter, and therefore to practice.

To get started, you will have to go to this page and install the application on your current terminal. The operation will not take more than a minute or two, the tool being very light.

Then launch it. It will display a long message on the first start, to explain how the solution works. At the bottom you will find two buttons to skip the step or to import data.

You will have to opt for the second choice in order to retrieve all the information contained in your call log. The tool will ask you if you want to save your calls immediately. Leave the option enabled and validate.

Then wait a few seconds for the application to start.

There, you will find yourself facing the editor's changelog . Simply hit the “Accept” button at the bottom right. Telephony Backup will then display a list of all incoming and outgoing calls. You just have to tap on the entry of your choice to display the details (date, time, duration of the call) and a toolbar at the top.

Through it, you can call your correspondent, send him a message, delete the item or restore it. Note that this bar will also appear when you do a long press from the call list. Here you can even select multiple items from the list to go faster.

Want to view the messages? No problem, you just have to go through the accordion menu (button placed at the top left) and look for the appropriate option.

It is also in this menu that you will find the button giving access to the application settings. These options will allow you to do a lot of things like:

  • Set the tab displayed by default.
  • Group similar calls.
  • Activate the saving of outgoing messages.
  • Choose the backup folder.
  • Integrate the export to Google Drive.

These last two options are very practical, but unfortunately they are reserved for the premium version.

The good side of the thing is that it is not very expensive since it is offered at 1.80 euros. In the meantime, of course, there's nothing stopping you from testing the free version to see if it meets your needs.

Telephony Backup can also be set as the default application for managing your calls and messages, but it is preferable not to do so.

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