How to block a contact on Gmail?

Gmail is perhaps one of the most used webmail in the world and this is not surprising given all the functions it offers. Yes and Google has just added one. From now on, the service will allow you to block any contact in a few clicks. How? 'Or' What ? Everything is explained in this article.

This function is now available on the web. It will also be deployed on mobile applications in the coming weeks, but the company has not given specific deadlines.

How To Block A Contact On Gmail

Gmail will now allow you to block contacts that you don't like.

And at the same time, the opposite would have been amazing, right?

The blocking is not retroactive!

But how does it actually work? It's not complicated. If you want to block a contact, you must start by opening his messages. There, you will have to display the contextual menu by clicking on the small arrow placed to the right of the “reply” button.

Gmail will display a list of options, including one to block the sender of the message. You just have to click on it to activate the blocking. From this moment, all messages sent by this person will go directly to spam.

Be careful, however, because this filter is not retroactive. If you want to get rid of old messages, you will have to do it manually by launching a search.

Okay, so what if you've made a mistake? No need to panic because it is perfectly possible to go back.

You will have to start by going to the settings. You will then have to click on the “Filters and blocking list” tab and scroll through the contents of the window to find the list of blocked senders. Simply click on the “unblock” link to remove the filter.

Otherwise and as happiness never comes alone, Gmail also offers a new option to unsubscribe from newsletters. It is in the same menu, but it is not active for all mailing lists.

Not for mine anyway.

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Rest assured, I have absolutely nothing against Pierre. This is just one example.


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