how to charge your smartphone correctly


how to charge your smartphone correctly

We all want smartphones with a strong battery and we want to do everything we can to charge the battery in the most efficient way, to extend its life. For this, avoid leaving it plugged in after it reaches 100%, do not use it when connected to a power supply, do not wait for it to fully discharge to charge it, use quality accessories and do not keep it nearby. strong heat sources.

If you want to extend the life of your battery, the following information will help you. They are presented in the form of tips / ideas that will work if you put them into practice.

Do not leave the phone plugged in after it is fully charged

This is a habit that each of us has. You probably leave your phone charged overnight and don't wake up to unplug it when it reaches 100%. This happens less often during the day, because as soon as it is fed, we take it out of the socket.

It seems that this mistake is common and is not very beneficial for the battery of the device, because it puts it at a high voltage, which in the long run affects the battery and it will then discharge much faster.

how to charge your smartphone correctly

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