How to clean up your Twitter permissions?

Twitter was the victim of an indirect attack this morning. By relying on a critical vulnerability present on Twitter Counter, hackers have indeed managed to hack several hundred accounts. Now is probably a good time to clean up the permissions associated with your brand new account. Just to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Twitter Counter is a very popular tool for tweeters, and for a fairly simple reason: it allows them to obtain a lot of detailed statistics on their account and their tweets.

How To Clean Up Your Twitter Permissions

Need to clean up your Twitter permissions? There is a tutorial for that!

He is obviously very appreciated by our friends the community managers and it is precisely for this reason that hackers are interested in him.

Twitter and permissions don't always mix

By exploiting a flaw specific to the service, these famous hackers have therefore managed to take control of a hundred different accounts and thus publish several messages of support for the Turkish president.

These messages were all identical. They thus carried a swastika and they directly attacked Germany and the Netherlands. Among the accounts affected, we can notably mention that of Justin Bieber and Alain Juppé.

To carry out their operation, the hackers did not need the usernames and passwords of these accounts. In reality, they simply took advantage of the permission granted to Twitter Counter. The latter indeed allowed the service to publish messages.

These famous authorizations are legion on the web and many sites integrate them to make life easier for Internet users. Thanks to them, they no longer need to enter identifiers, they just have to click on a button.

The problem, of course, is that not many people think about cleaning up these permissions. In fact, many internet users don't even know how to do it.

How to turn off permissions on Twitter

If this is your case, then rest assured because the procedure to follow is nothing complicated and it is even within everyone's reach.

To access the permissions associated with your account, you must first go to There, you will have to identify yourself and then click on your account image, at the top right.

A menu will appear on the screen. The option you're interested in is called Settings and Privacy . When you click on it, Twitter will direct you to all the options related to your account.

These famous options are all divided into different headings, headings listed in the left column.

Click "Applications" to view all permissions associated with your account. They will all appear on the right, as a list. The page is well supplied and each entry is thus accompanied by a name, a description and a button entitled “revoke access”.

The rest, you already know it. To suspend an authorization, simply click on the button corresponding to the entry of your choice.

How to choose ? Simple, if you don't know a service, remove the authorization. Do this also if you no longer use the associated platform.

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