How to configure and use AirDroid 3?

There are several solutions for connecting a phone to a computer. If you have an Android terminal, then you are bound to know AirDroid and this is quite logical since the latter is extremely popular. Yes, and if we're talking about it now it's not for nothing because its third major version has just been released. So now is the time to take a look at its installation and configuration.

AirDroid 3, this is the number of this version, is available for free on the publisher's site and you will therefore not have to pay anything to enjoy it. However, if you want to unlock all the functions of the tool, then you will need to take a premium subscription which is charged $ 1.99 per month, $ 19.99 per year or $ 38.99 for two years.

How To Configure And Use Airdroid 3

AirDroid 3 is in the place all baiiiiiigne!

But what does this software actually offer? Quite a few things actually. Through it, you will be able to easily transfer documents and media from your computer to your phone, of course, but also take control of the latter remotely and retrieve, for example, your friends' calls on your computer.

Install AirDroid 3 on the computer and on the phone

Before taking advantage of all these functions, you will have to start by installing the program on your bike and on your mobile terminal. All you have to do is go to this page from your computer and your computer will take care of retrieving the client on its own, like a grown-up.

AirDroid 3 has the good idea of being available on Windows, OS X or directly from any web browser.

When you have retrieved the program, you will need to launch and install it immediately, before launching the client. It will then ask you to either create a new account or to identify yourself with an existing account.

Then you will have to do the same from your phone. There, it is not complicated since you will only have to go to the Play Store to find the application, download it and install it on your mobile. Even my baker could do it. Make sure to launch the application and log into your account.

Using AirDroid 3

If everything is set up correctly, then you will very quickly see a new window appear on your computer. It gives you access to your data and your phone.

All the available modules are grouped together in a black band placed completely to the left. From top to bottom, you will have a shortcut pointing to your profile , the document transfer tool , text message management , call management , address book and notifications . Some latencies are likely to occur the first time you use the product, but they will wear off quickly.

Other bonus shortcuts are hidden at the bottom. They refer to the web version of the service, the feedback tool and the application preferences.

AirDroid 3 runs pretty well and the big advantage of this solution is that it will allow you to manage everything from your computer. You will therefore no longer have to turn away from him when you want to send an SMS or answer a call. Casually, the time saving is not negligible.