How to connect an Xbox or PS4 controller with an iOS or Android device

In general, controllers are very important to gamers. If some controllers are more practical and efficient than others, the latter unfortunately cannot be used on other devices or video game consoles.

Solutions have been proposed so that players can play on any device with the controller that suits them.

How to connect an Xbox or PS4 controller with an iOS or Android device

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Here are some tips for pairing DualShock 4 and Xbox One with mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Which devices can the Xbox One and PS4 controllers be paired with?

Thanks to new software updates from Apple, it's easier to connect these controllers to your iOS 13 devices or iPadOS tablet using Bluetooth. They can even be connected to your Apple TV via TVOS13.

For those who are loyal to Android, Android 10 also makes it easier to pair Xbox One and PS4 controllers to devices. It is even possible to do the pairing on previous versions of Android. However, be careful not to overestimate the performance of your operating system.

Why use these controllers on mobile devices?

The value of using game console controllers on mobile devices is much more obvious to those who subscribe to Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. The ability to play the games available on these platforms with real console controllers is particularly ideal for video game enthusiasts.

The famous Fortnite game has already integrated support for these controllers into its features. And given the rapidly evolving field of video games, it wouldn't be surprising if other developers were to follow suit.

How to pair?

Pairing the PS4 and Xbox wireless controllers with your device is very easy. However, the process varies depending on the controller to be paired and the operating system used by the player. Either way, the first step is always the same: put your controller in pairing mode.

Regarding the PS4 controller, just hold down the "Share" button located to the left of the touchpad. Then do the same with the central “PlayStation” button. Once it's done, a light bar should flash at the top of the controller, a sign it's looking to sync with another nearby device.

If it is an Xbox Wireless Controller, it is imperative to check if it supports Bluetooth devices. The fastest way to find out is to look at the area side with the Xbox button.

If the latter has shiny plastic all around, it means that pairing is impossible. However, pairing should be possible if the plastic is mat like the face of the controller.

In the latter case, turn on the controller while holding down the Xbox button. Then press and hold the connect button near the connector. Do not stop until the Xbox logo starts flashing. A sign that the controller is ready to be associated.

How do I connect the controllers to an iOS device?

The process remains the same whether it's for a Mac, iPad or iPadOS. To get started, enter the "Settings" of the device. Then click on the Bluetooth option at the top of the page.

If your PS4 or Xbox controller has successfully switched to pairing mode, you will see them listed as “DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller” or “Xbox wireless controller”.

You have to tap on the appropriate option. And if the DualShock 4's light bar turns pink, it means the connection has been made.

For the Xbox controller, the backlit center button will simply stop flashing and stay on once and for all.

How do I connect them to Apple TV?

The first step is to make sure that the Apple TV is running TVOS 13. This information is normally communicated when purchasing the TV.

Once it's confirmed, enter "Settings". Find and select “Remotes and devices”. Then scroll down to find "Bluetooth".

If your controller has been prepared for pairing, you will not need to read the “How to Pair Game Controllers” help sheet that will appear.

Your controller will automatically appear in the “Other devices” section. Once you select it, you should normally be able to control your device with it.

How do I connect PS4 or Xbox controllers to an Android device?

The connection steps vary depending on the phone, but the principle always remains the same. Go to the “Settings” application and click on “Connected devices”. Look for “Pair new device”. Normally, the PS4 controller will appear as "Wireless Controller" and the Xbox Controller as "Xbox Wireless Controller".

The DualShock 4's light bar will turn blue to indicate that the operation was successful. For Xbox, the backlit center button will stay on as long as it is connected to your phone.

These settings are valid for all Android devices. However, it will be necessary to look on the side of the Bluetooth sub-menus starting from the “Connected devices” parameter for smartphones or tablets running on old versions such as Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo.

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