How to delete all audio clips saved by Google?

Google has invested heavily in speech recognition in recent years. A simple key phrase is now enough to wake up your terminal and dictate our instructions. It's simple, fast and really fun at the same time. What is much less, however, is that the company keeps by default a copy of all the sound clips associated with this famous order.

In other words, it means that the firm keeps track of all your interactions with its voice recognition system. The funny thing is, you even have the option to view your history.

How To Delete All Audio Clips Saved By Google

Google is always listening, and that's a bit scary.

How? 'Or' What ? Just go to and identify yourself with your email address and password.

A complete history listing all sound clips recorded by Google

When this is done, Google will direct you to a page listing your browsing history, with plenty of bonus statistics and a beautiful counter showing the number of total searches made over a given period.

It's pretty scary but the worst is yet to come. If the page is displayed on a large screen, then you will see a menu on the left with various options. On mobile, the site will display a simple button hiding an accordion menu.

In this list, you will find quite a few things, including an option referring to voice activity and audio . Just click on it.

There, Google will show you the list of all the sound clips stored on its servers. They are grouped by date and you just have to press the play button to listen to them. Casually, it feels really weird to hear your own voice knowing that it's actually miles away.

It is as if we are stripped of our own identity.

How To Delete All Audio Clips Saved By Google 1

Unavailable transcripts are all orders placed on the Freebox Mini 4K. Who never understands anything.

How To Delete All Audio Clips Saved By Google 2

If you do not want to delete each extract one by one, then you will have to go through a specific menu.

How to delete extracts and deactivate history?

If you want to delete one or more extracts, it is not complicated because it will suffice to check the appropriate boxes and then click on the “delete” button which will appear at the top of the page.

To go faster, you can also click on the button at the top, on the right. The one that looks like three little dots. A contextual menu will then appear with an option referring to “delete options”. It will allow you to delete all records for a given period.

By default, you will have the choice between today and yesterday but you can go further by selecting the “advanced” option and you will even find an option to erase all the recordings stored by the firm.

It is perfectly possible to deactivate this history but the procedure to follow is not necessarily super simple. You have to click on the same button (with the three small dots) and find the “parameters” option. Google will then refer us to a new page.

This is where we can deactivate the function.

How To Delete All Audio Clips Saved By Google 3

The last option will allow you to erase your entire history at once.

How To Delete All Audio Clips Saved By Google 4

And there, you will be able to deactivate the function altogether.


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