How to download Windows 10?

Knock Knock ! Who is here ? The future of the window, of course! And no, there is no relation to K by K. Absolutely none! This is actually the next version of Microsoft's operating system. Which ? Windows 10 , of course, and the latter is thus available for free download since yesterday, at the end of the afternoon. In other words, everyone can benefit from it now. In all legality, and without needing to take out the credit card.

But the question some of you may be asking yourself is how to take advantage of it, right? Never mind because the objective of this article is precisely to help you see a little more clearly.

How To Download Windows 10

Downloading Windows 10 is as easy as… ahem… well, it's not very complicated.

First point and not the least, if you want to download Windows 10, you will start by having to join the special program set up by the publisher. Go to this address , and simply click on the “Join now” button. There, well, you will still have to identify yourself using your Microsoft account.

Become a member of the Windows Insider Program and show the world how cool you are!

If you do not have one, you will of course be able to create one by clicking on the associated link, and by following the procedure indicated by the site.

Then, the latter will direct you to terms of use that no one will read. Just know that you have to accept them to continue this great adventure. When this is done, you will see a beautiful message confirming your registration for the Windows Insider Program. With a link offering to download the beta version of Windows 10.

Simple, right? Certainly, but avoid doing it on your favorite machine anyway, because it is not a stable version. It will therefore be better to reserve it for a test computer, or possibly a virtual machine.

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