How to download Windows Phone 8.1

The latest Microsoft Build was particularly busy. The firm actually took advantage of this eagerly awaited event to present two particularly significant updates: Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1 . Interesting, isn't it? Certainly and there is better because the new version of Microsoft's mobile platform is now available for download for developers, and also for ordinary people. And if you fancy taking advantage of it, then the following should be of great interest to you.

As everyone knows, Windows Phone 8.1 brings a number of notable and interesting new features. In the lot, it is obviously impossible not to mention Cortana , Microsoft's voice assistant, or even the new notification center . It must be admitted, for once, the Redmond firm has really not been with the back of the spoon and it is rather a good thing.

How To Download Windows Phone 8 1

Installing Windows Phone 8.1 is apparently possible.

So of course, in this context, you may be very likely to want to test the update before it is officially available on the market. It's perfectly possible, as long as you pass yourself off as a developer with Microsoft. A procedure which is not very complicated, but which can however take quite a long time to set up, especially as the company's servers seem to have a little trouble keeping up. Also note that new measures may be applied to avoid these overflows. It is therefore possible that this trick will only work for a limited period.

To install Windows Phone 8.1 on your device, simply follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Windows Phone App Studio site at this address.
  • Click on the "Sign in" button located at the very top of the page, on the right.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • The site will ask you if you allow the app to access your email addresses.
  • Validate by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  • Enter your full name and email address in the dedicated fields.
  • Accept the terms of use by checking the dedicated box.
  • Click on the “Register” button to validate the operation. *
  • The site directs you to a new page.
  • Click on the purple “Start new project” button.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Click the “Connect” button.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Take your terminal.
  • Go to the Windows Store.
  • Install the “Preview for Developers” application.
  • Your terminal will then offer to install the update.

*: Microsoft's server is struggling at the moment. It is possible that you are faced with a nasty mistake. If so, return to the service home page, click “Sign in” again and identify yourself using your account. You will be prompted to reenter your full name and email address.

Not having (yet) a Windows Phone at home, I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to test this procedure but Phone Arena and The Verge apparently set it up on their side, without a hitch. Be careful, however, because Cortana is currently only available to American users , and it is therefore unfortunately impossible to use it in Europe, and in France.

So, does it work or not?

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