How to (easily) find animated GIFs?

It has become the favorite weapon of Community Managers and it makes children and adults laugh. The animated GIF has never been so popular, and over the years it has even become a staple of the internet. But how to take advantage of it? How to get your hands on the animation that will make you a living god of social networks? In reality, it's very simple and you just need to know the right addresses.

There are indeed hundreds and hundreds of sites offering animated GIF galleries. A simple search on Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo will confirm it to you. However, these services are not all equal before the eternal, far from it.

How To Easily Find Animated Gifs

This helmet is beautiful, isn't it? Ah, animated GIFs have evolved a lot over the years.

But in the lot, there are real little pearls …

According to my baker's study, 86.87% of the animated GIFs shared on Turkish Google+ pages come from Giphy. Incredible, right? Certainly, but we must recognize that the latter sets the bar very very high since it offers thousands of different animations. This is not surprising because all Internet users can submit their own creations, thanks to the power of the community tools of the global web 2.0.

If the service's search engine works rather well, Giphy has the good idea above all to offer a series of categories to help us find the shoe that suits us more easily. There, well, it will even be possible to get all the GIFs associated with an action, or even an emotion.

Again, this is a safe bet. Much like its main competitor, Reaction GIFS offers hundreds of different animations, but its ranking system is a little bit apart because it all ultimately depends on two variables: your state of mind and the right response to a particular situation . Well, it's not necessarily super clear, but you will quickly understand the principle.

In the sidebar of the site, you will find two drop-down lists. You just need to use them to select an emotion or a general response (“yes”, “no”, “I don't know”, etc.) to see GIFs related to this theme appear. It's fast, it's simple and above all it will save you a lot of time on a daily basis.

Google is not just for finding sites, you can easily use the image search filters to search for moving images. It works really well and the whole point of it, ultimately, is that you will be able to play with a lot of different criteria.

If necessary, you can for example define a size , or even a dominant color to find animated GIFs that will go perfectly with your last blog dedicated to the life of sardines. You can also ask Google to return only copyright-free content in order to avoid nasty lawsuits. And so on.

Some of you may know this, but Pinterest has been able for a few months to display animated GIFs, and even play animations directly from Pins.

So, well all it takes is a simple search to find hundreds of different creations, with some really very artistic things in the mix . We are probably a little far from what Giphy or even Réaction GIFS offers, but there are really pretty things in the lot. Note that I even created a dashboard to centralize my prettiest discoveries, a dashboard that you can find at this address . I should also enrich it a little more often.

So much for this overview. Normally, with this you should have plenty to do. If you know other good places, the comments are there for that. Kiss !

Credit: Gerrel Saunders

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