How to embed your latest tweet in your signature on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is used by millions of people around the world. If this is your case, then these few lines may be of great interest to you. This article will actually tell you how to add your last tweet to your signature. And the best part about it is that you don't even have to tweak it.

Yahoo has done it right and this feature is fully integrated into the service. All you have to do is browse through the platform options.

How To Embed Your Latest Tweet In Your Signature On Yahoo Mail

Insert his last tweet in his Twitter signature? It's entirely possible.

The thing is, this setting is not easy to find. It's even okay to say it and this article should save you quite a bit of time.

Ready ? Alright, so let's go!

Enable signing in Yahoo Mail

The first thing to do will be to go to Yahoo Mail by clicking on this link and identify yourself by entering your address and the associated password.

When it's done, just click on the nut at the top right. Then go and find the “Settings” option. A flyout window will appear in the middle of the page. It is divided into two areas with a menu on the left and options relating to the selected item on the right.

Click on the “Accounts” category and click on your Yahoo account. The service will show you new options on a page. You can change your name, for example, or even change the reply address.

The area that interests you is the one dedicated to the signature. Logic. Start by activating the function by checking the box “Automatically insert a signature in all e-mails you send”. The field below will become active and you will be able to create your signature by indicating your first name, your last name, your function and all the usual information.

In the same area, you also have another checkbox, called “Include your last tweet from Twitter”.

Then click on the “Save” button to validate the changes.

How To Embed Your Latest Tweet In Your Signature On Yahoo Mail 1

Everything will happen here.

Connect Twitter to Yahoo Mail

Now you have created your signature and it will be automatically added to all outgoing messages. It's beautiful, but it's not over because now you'll need to connect your Twitter account to Yahoo Mail so that it can grab the latest tweet and add it to the block.

Click again on the nut placed at the top, on the right, and go for the “Settings” option to open the options window.

Select the “accounts” and this time click on the “login” link to the right of Twitter.

Yahoo Mail will open a pop-up window and ask if you're sure you want to connect the two accounts. Confirm by clicking on the “Authorize application” button and wait for a few seconds. The service will then display a confirmation message. Just click on the “Ok” button.

And now, it's over. Now, as soon as you send a new email, your last tweet will be included in your signature block.

Now, you just have to avoid tweeting nonsense before sending your boss an email.

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