How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Professional Cameras – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Those who already know how to use a camera and want to take it to another level, buy professional devices to help them capture the clearest, most beautiful and special images. If you are also in this situation, the list presented below could help you, because it includes some of the most interesting options in the online environment. The Nikon Z6 , a device capable of offering a very good resolution both when it comes to pictures (6048 x 4032 pixels) and videos (4K), attracted our attention the most. It has an ISO sensitivity that can reach 51200, a 24.5 MP sensor and useful functions such as: wireless, LCD touchscreen control, vibration reduction, face detection, autofocus, etc. It is not very heavy, nor is it very large. In second place I placed another interesting model. This is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV .

Comparative table

It is a camera capable of providing high quality pictures, due to the fact that it has a resolution of 24.5 MP, ISO 51200 sensitivity and useful functions that allow captures with special special effects. It is not a too heavy or bulky device, measuring 134 x 100.5 x 67.5 mm and weighing 585 grams.

To capture the desired frames you will need a lens, and it is not included in the package, but must be purchased later.

It is a good choice for those who want a camera that captures down to the finest detail, even if it is an expensive investment.

It comes with a sensor that provides a very high resolution, 30.4 MP, which leads to very clear photos and videos, capturing all the details. It has multiple shooting modes, but also many useful functions, which make it contribute to taking great pictures.

Compared to other products presented in our list, it has a fairly high purchase price, which is why it is not very accessible to everyone.

If you can afford it and want to invest in a top camera that delivers amazing results, see this model.

It is a very suitable option for those accustomed to photography, who want to take it to another level, being a professional product for beginners. The resolution it comes with is 24.4 MP, the ISO sensitivity can reach up to 25600 and the model is equipped with useful functions and photo effects, for a pleasant experience.

It is a professional device dedicated to those at the beginning of the road in a photography business, not being efficient enough for experts.

We recommend this device to those who want a professional model with decent features, suitable for the start-up period in such a business.

In-depth reviews about the best professional  foto cameras

On the online market you will find a lot of high-performance devices for photography. We still present some of the most popular.

Nikon Professional Camera:

Nikon Z6

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera If you want to buy the best professional camera, you must see this model. It is a mirrorless type, which is delivered without objectives, so they will have to be purchased separately and will involve an additional cost. The interface is USB Type C and has a Mini HDMI-C type output.

Regarding the more technical characteristics of this product, we must tell you the following: the sensor resolution is 24.5 MP, the ISO sensitivity is 51200, the battery will last for about 310 frames and 85 minutes of filming. You can adjust the picture resolution from 1920 x 1080 pixels to 6048 x 4032 pixels and you can shoot Full HD or 4K. We can’t talk about opening the diaphragm, since it’s not a lens. There are useful features such as white balance, wireless, touchscreen LCD control, face detection, autofocus and lots of photo effects.

The package includes protective caps, charger, strap and an FTZ adapter (for F-mount lenses). The dimensions are 134 x 100.5 x 67.5 mm and the weight is 585 grams. It will not be difficult to use for a long time, if the goal is not very difficult.


Nikon D850

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera The ones from Nikon have the best professional cameras on the market, and this one now brought into question cannot be overlooked when we talk about superior variants. It’s DSLR, so you’ll have a lot of buttons where you have to learn the secrets. It is a model that with the right objectives will be able to offer incredibly good and clear results.

The resolution of the present sensor is 45.4 MP, which means that you will be provided with more work possibilities. The ISO sensitivity can be adjusted from 64 to 25600, with the possibility of extension up to 102400, the noise not being very high even at higher values. You can take pictures with a maximum resolution of 8256 x 5504 pixels and shoot in 4K format, to capture even the finest details.

Regarding the present functions, you will be able to enjoy: touchscreen control, white balance, continuous photography, wireless, serial mode, autofocus. It is not a very easy device to hold in your hand for a long time, weighing 915 grams and 146 x 124 x 78.5 mm in size (plus the lens). Included accessories are: the battery, the strap, a minijack, a USB cable and the mounting cover.


Nikon D750

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera This professional camera, Nikon, belongs to the category of DSLR variants. It helps you capture unique and special frames, thanks to a resolution of 24.3 MP and an ISO sensitivity that can reach 51200, to have the desired quality even when natural light does not help.

In order to offer you a pleasant and varied experience, you will have at your disposal a series of functions and key features worth appreciating: control via a folding LCD, anti-glare, group AF (constantly monitors five different AF fields), D- Movie, continuous photography, wireless and lots of photo effects (selective color, close-up, sports, landscape, children, food, silhouette, night landscape, sunset, etc.).

The maximum resolution of the photos can be 6016 x 4016 pixels, and the videos can be made at most Full HD. The dimensions of the device are 140.5 x 113 x 78 mm and the weight is 750 grams. It may be more tiring to operate for a long time. The package contains: body cover, installation CD, eyepiece cover, USB cable, charger, rubber viewfinder and battery.


Canon Professional Camera:

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera This could be the best professional camera for you, if you want to buy a model that allows you to take amazingly clear pictures and film by capturing even the finest details. It comes with a high-performance sensor, 30.4 MP and can offer a photo resolution of up to 6720 x 4480 pixels and a 4K video.

This Canon professional camera is a DSLR model that at first may seem more difficult to use, until you learn all the settings, until you find out what each button does. The ISO sensitivity can be adjusted between 100 and 32000, for very good results at night. The most common photo effects available are: standard, portrait, monochrome, fine detail, faithful, personalized, automatic and neutral.

The functions available on this model are: integrated flash, white balance, continuous photography, autofocus, autofocus, wireless, NFC, LCD control and microphone. 800 grams is the weight of the device and 150.7 x 75.9 x 116.4 mm are its dimensions. It’s not the easiest model, especially if we think that the lens will be mounted on it. Supplied with: battery, battery charger, eyepiece cover, belt, IFC-1500U II interface cable, protection tube for cables and CD required for installation.


Canon EOS 6D Mark II

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera If you want to use quality lenses on a professional Canon camera, we recommend this model, which is a DSLR that can come with a photo resolution of up to 6240 x 4160 pixels and a 4K video, to enjoy photo content / video worthy of appreciation, with fine details and natural colors.

The resolution of the sensor present on this model is 20.2 MP and the ISO sensitivity can reach up to 102400, which means that the pictures will be pleasant even at night or when the natural light is not very good. The necessary settings are made using a 3-inch LCD screen. The most appreciated functions of this device are: Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, white balance, autofocus and continuous shooting. The camera will also provide you with a lot of photo effects to enjoy the variety.

Regarding the dimensions, they are 144 x 110.5 x 74.8 mm, and the weight is 685 grams. There are acceptable values that will help you use the device easily. In the package you will find: the strap, an eye cover and one for the device, a battery, a charger and the user manual.


Professional camera for beginners:

Sony Alpha A7II

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera For those who want to enter the world of experts when it comes to pictures, this professional camera, for beginners, could help you get off to a good start. He is a mirrorless model, who in 2015-1016 received the Best Product award within EISA AWARD, in the category dedicated to Compact Professional Cameras.

The sensor with a resolution of 24.3 MP, the integrated flash and the ISO sensitivity that can reach up to 25600 are indicators that will show you that the results will be very good both day and night. The maximum resolution that the pictures can have is 6000 x 4000 pixels, and the clips can be made in Full HD format.

White balance, automatic shutter, continuous shooting, wi-fi, LCD control are just some of the functions you will have at your disposal. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy photo effects such as: poster, toy camera, retro, monochrome, overexposure, etc. The dimensions are 126.9 x 59.7 x 95.7 mm, and the weight is 559 grams. Comes with: AC adapter, shoulder strap, Micro-USB cable, power cable, battery, cover and eyepiece cover.


Nikon D7500

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Nikon D7500 is a professional DSLR camera. It works with a 20.9 MP CMOS sensor, in order to obtain photos with a maximum resolution of 5568 x 3712 pixels and 4K video clips. It beats a lot of ways to control exposure and has an ISO sensitivity of 100-51200.

This model can be used immediately after being taken out of the box, because it comes bundled with a lens. It offers 51 focus points and a focal length between 35 and 135 mm. It can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth, wireless or micro USB cable and also has a card slot.

To easily make settings and see what you are shooting, the camera has a 3.2-inch LCD touch screen. In total, the device measures 135.5 x 104 x 72.5 mm and weighs 720 grams.


Canon EOS 4000D

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera Canon also has a range of professional cameras, cheap and good, and it includes this product. It has a very affordable price (compared to other variants presented by us) and is suitable for beginners who want to enjoy a DSLR, even if such a type of device, in the first phase may seem more difficult to use.

18 MP is the resolution of the sensor that captures the frames, and the ISO sensitivity between 100 and 6400 will give decent results even when there are problems with natural light. You will be able to take pictures with a maximum resolution of 5184 x 2912 pixels and a Full HD video format. The lens present on the camera has dimensions of 18-55 mm and an aperture of f / 3.5-6.6.

What are the most appreciated functions? Continuous photography, image stabilizer, wireless, Bluetooth, autofocus, integrated flash, LCD control and automatic white balance. As for dimensions, it measures 129 x 101.6 x 77.1 mm and weighs quite a bit, only 436 grams. The package also contains a battery, a power cable, a 16 GB card and a bag for protection and transport.


Olympus Professional Camera:

Olympus PEN-F

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera The mirrorless device we are now discussing is an interesting model that will attract the attention of both beginners and experts who want something more special. He will delight you with quality images, which will provide good clarity, natural colors and pleasant effects. It has a sensor with a resolution of 20.3 MP and to give decent results even in weaker natural light, it comes with an ISO sensitivity of up to 25600.

White balance and photo effects will welcome you to have as much diversity as possible, and functions such as wireless, LCD control, autofocus or continuous photography will provide a pleasant experience. 8160 x 6120 pixels is the maximum resolution for pictures and Full HD for videos.

This camera is also special due to its design, because it has black natural leather inserts and it is silver. It measures 124.8 x 72.1 x 37.3 mm and weighs 427 grams. The contents of the package also include: shoulder strap, USB cable, body cover, FL-LM3 flash, battery and battery charger.


Olympus OM-D E-M10II 1442 IIR

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

This model is a mirrorless type, which will offer very good performance to those who prefer such a variant because it seems easier to use than a DSLR. It has a manual focus lens, but also automatic and a focal length of 14-42 mm. The flash is integrated and the ISO sensitivity can reach 25600.

The pictures you will take with this device will be of very good quality, because the gadget uses a 16.1 MP sensor, with dimensions of 17.3 x 13 mm. The maximum resolution of the images can be 4608 x 3456 pixels. You can also use it for video content, the best format you can get is Full HD. It’s not the best model, but if you want to become a real professional, it can help you at the beginning of the road.

This camera has small dimensions – 119.5 x 46.7 x 83.1 mm and weighs only 390 grams. It will not be tiring to use, even if you have to pose for a longer period. It is equipped with wireless, micro USB, micro HDMI and card reader.


Olympus E-PL8

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

This device is a mirrorless camera, recommended for advanced, so it can help you on the path you have to take to become a professional photographer. It comes with a lens that has an aperture of f / 3.5-f / 5.6, decent values, which will help you have quite bright pictures.

This device has a Live MOS sensor, 17.3 x 13 mm, with a resolution of 16 MP. That being said, you will be able to get pictures of 4608 x 3456 pixels and videos in maximum Full HD format. The ISO sensitivity is 200-25600, to enjoy clear images even when there is no natural light.

You will be able to connect the device to other devices via wireless and USB 2.0, but you also have control modes for exposure (balance effects, predefined settings). This product comes with accessories such as: lens, shoulder strap, battery, body cover or charger. It measures 117.1 x 68.3 x 38.4 mm and has a weight of 374 grams.


Pro Photo cameras Buying guide

When you want to move to another level and you intend to buy a professional camera, you have to think well in advance and choose as informed as possible. There are a number of selection criteria that you need to consider. What they are, we will tell you in the following.

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Type: This is a very important first aspect. Devices for the experienced are usually of two types:

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) – are some of the most common models, but also high performance. In order to work, such a device needs a mirror and a prism. The penetrating light is directed from the photographic lenses to the optical ones, through a viewfinder.

The devices in this category are able to offer very good resolutions, to capture the smallest details and to give you high quality images. They are recommended for those who know very well what to do, because they have a lot of buttons that allow all kinds of adjustments.

DSLRs are quite bulky and need interchangeable lenses to function. You will have to invest quite a lot in them all the time, in order to keep up with the new technologies.

Mirrorless – are variants that do not need a mirror to capture the image. In this case, the light reaches the sensor and with the help of the screen you will see exactly what the device captures. And here you need interchangeable lenses, so you will have to buy them if you want as varied pictures as possible.

These models are smaller than DSLRs and offer very good features when it comes to performance (fast focus, high ISO, high resolutions, etc.). In addition, they have a lower noise during use.

The battery in these photos is not a very good one, the range of lenses is not very varied, and the accessories (flashes, microphones) are also quite few.

Aperture aperture: This is the feature that deals with the amount of light that reaches the lens sensor. As a general rule, the lower this value, the better, because it means that the lens is brighter. For example, you will need to follow a value of at most f / 2, not one of f / 3.5 or f5 / 6. These are fine too, but not for professionals.

This detail will be present only in the case of devices that are sold with a lens.

Resolution: When you are looking to buy a professional camera, at a good price, you must aim to have the highest possible resolution. This refers to the number of megapixels on the sensor surface. The higher the value, the better, because the images will be larger. For professionals, it would be ideal to find at least 24 MP.

ISO: People experienced in photographic art should not overlook this very important detail, which will give you information about the light sensitivity of the image sensor.

We recommend a value of at least 12800, if you want quality images even at night or when natural light is not very good.

Accessories: For a pleasant, simple and diverse experience, you must ensure that the device you buy has accessories or at least find them at a price that is affordable for you.

Objectives – are the most important accessories that a professional device can have. They can be of many types, and the differences are made in terms of: zoom, resolution, aperture, image stabilization, etc.

Tripod – if you have a heavier camera and sometimes want to use it from a fixed position, such a support could be very helpful.

Belt – will contribute to a simple and fast use, because you can hold the device around your neck during sessions, so that you can easily transport it over short distances or you can use your hands if you need certain adjustments in the frame.

The bag – is a very important accessory, because it offers protection during transport / storage.


How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Functions: When it comes to professional cameras, they will have a lot of key features, which are more and more useful. The most important ones you can find are: auto / manual flash, white balance, wireless, autofocus, continuous photography, photo effects (self-portrait, neutral, monochrome, fine details, etc.), microphone or cinematography.

Dimensions: In this chapter, the most important detail is the weight. See a model that is not very demanding to hold in your hand. Think about the fact that you will sometimes have to pose all day at events and it can be quite demanding. Don’t forget that the weight of the camera is added to that of the lens.

Now that you have found out opinions about the best professional cameras and you have seen what selection criteria matter in their choice, it will be much easier for you to buy such a product. Check the online sites to see what models you can find and what offers you can enjoy.

Frequent questions

What would be the cheapest professional camera?

It is not very easy to find a professional camera, cheap and good, because most of the time such products are quite expensive for those who do not have a generous budget.

We can’t tell you which is the cheapest, because the prices differ from one site to another, but among the most affordable they seem to be: Canon EOS 4000D, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, Sony A7 or Nikon D610.

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

How much does a professional camera cost?

You should know that professional cameras, at good prices, mean models that often start from 5000-6000 lei and that can reach even around 25000 lei. In general, these costs are without objectives, more precisely only the body of the device. Therefore, the investment in a truly high-performance model must be significant.

How much to spend on a professional beginner camera?

The answer here is simple: as much as you can afford. They, as I said above, can cost you quite a lot, so it is worth investing in them if you have a large budget or if you earn money from photography, to then recoup the investment.

Things to Consider Before You Decide to Buy a Profi Camera

As we mentioned before, a professional camera, at a good price, means a device that usually starts from the price of 5000 lei, which is not a small thing considering the vast majority of salaries in our country. Well, before To make such an investment, you need to consider a number of issues, namely, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Do I need such a high-performance device?

Yes, not everyone needs a professional model. These options offer exceptional quality, but it is really useful when you are a photographer, when you spend your money on it or when you want to get into such a business. They are devices used to take very large pictures, at very good resolutions, with all kinds of effects.

If you are a regular user, who wants to capture shots when going with family / friends on vacation, if you occasionally take pictures of acquaintances or if you simply like to pose nature, then maybe you can find a more accessible model for enthusiasts.

Can I afford to buy such a product?

Calculate your budget very well and see if you have the necessary money, without cutting the money for other more urgent purposes. Think about everything involved in purchasing such a product, because yes, you can give 5000 lei for a professional camera, but most of the time it will not have a lens, so you will not be able to use it without buy one, which involves another additional cost. Then, maybe you will need more protection accessories, tripods, flashes and so on.

The idea is to take into account all these aspects and make sure that you do not make a hole in the budget without really allowing it.

How long can I repay my investment?

If you buy a professional camera to earn money with it and you think you will recover the costs from the profit, you must take into account the time in which you will recoup your investment. Why? Because technology is advancing rapidly and it is very possible that you will need upgrades faster than you would have thought.

More precisely, if you earn 10,000 lei per year from photo sessions, events, etc., it does not mean that you amortize your investment intelligently and profitably if you buy a device that you pay 20,000 lei and you will “pay” in two years, moment in which it will be necessary to buy another, because it is already old-fashioned.

Ask yourself these questions and you will realize if it is time or not to buy a professional camera.

How to find the cheapest professional camera

We all want to get the best prices when we want to buy a certain product. So it is with professional cameras. If you intend to buy the right model at the lowest price, you must first realize the features it has, then study as many offers as possible, take into account online stores, take advantage of the famous periods of be with discounts and do not ignore the variant of used devices.

Professional cameras can be quite expensive, which is why you will have to have a generous budget. If you want to get the lowest price for the model you want to buy, we come to meet you with a series of tips:

Analyze everything well so you know exactly what you need

For starters, what you need to do is study very carefully all the important selection criteria in such a purchase and invest in a device that will give you what you need. If, for example, you are at the beginning of the road, maybe some features will not help you and then it does not make sense to pay more until you really learn the secrets of professional photography.

At the same time, if you are an expert, you will have to follow very clearly the existence of various aspects and not go over what you know you need. But, since you earn your living from this, you will most likely afford to buy a high-performance device that will help you take everything to another level.

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Choose to buy the device from an online store

If you want to get a better price, a suitable option would be to make the purchase from an online store. Why? Because here most of the times the prices are much better. Manufacturers no longer have to pay certain taxes, as in the case of stationary stores and this can be seen in the selling price of the items.

In addition, you have other advantages that are not easy to overlook: the ability to search for the desired product anytime, at any time, because the sites are open non-stop; the time savings you will make because you do not have to waste time in traffic going to certain locations; the comfort given by the fact that it is no longer necessary to run through stores for hours and try to fit into their schedule; wide range of products. These are just some of the things that should convince you to buy from specialized sites.

Study offers from as many stores as possible for a longer period

If you want to get the best price, you have to look for it. You will need to be patient, find all the stores that inspire your confidence and follow the prices to see how they fluctuate and buy when it suits you best.

If you are in a hurry, try to go through as many of the existing offers as possible during that period. Consider both online and offline versions, because you don’t even know what you can find. Don’t stop at the first item that comes your way, but take the time to see as many as possible and to increase your chances of making the most profitable purchase from a financial point of view.

Buy in periods recognized for discounts

Any store that truly respects its customers comes with all kinds of discounts at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday or other such special days. Then, there are those moments when the producers celebrate another year from the opening, when they retain their customers on certain occasions and so on.

Try to pursue such opportunities and take advantage of them. However, be very careful, because many traders are not fair and increase prices in the last months before the discounts, and then say that they have been reduced. When planning such a purchase, keep track of the costs several months in advance, to make sure that the offer was a real one and that you really managed to get a good promotion.

Also consider the option of a used purchase or a resealed product

A professional camera can cost quite a lot and it is very likely that you are at the beginning of the road in terms of photography at a more advanced level and do not allow yourself to make a new purchase. Well, there are solutions, namely second-hand or resealed models.

How to find the cheapest professional foto camera

Regarding second-hand items, it would be best to buy from someone you know, whom you trust or from famous sites, which also offer a guarantee. This way you make sure that you do not take anything defective, which will break down a few days after you have given the money and you will have no assurance that the product will be repaired or that you will receive the money back.

As for resealed products, they are also a good option. Even if they were previously ordered and used by another person, serious stores do not put them up for sale until they do all the necessary checks to ensure that everything works in normal parameters. Most of the time they have small traces of wear, but they do not affect the performance of the device.

Many sell their old devices because they want something newer, more efficient or return them because they are not what they wanted. But for you it could be an option, if you want to buy a device with good features, but at a lower price.

These are the tips that you should take into account and that will help you choose the most suitable option for you, so that in the end you get in possession of a professional camera that will really help you and that will not have made a hole too big in the budget.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Nikon D7200

The device now brought to your attention is a professional camera, for beginners, DSLR type, which comes with a lens, the latter having the following important features: aperture f / 3.6-5.6, autofocus, focal length 18-140 mm, 1.5x optical zoom and Nikon F mount.

This professional camera, Nikon, offers a resolution of 24.2 pixels, to capture frames at a very good quality, with a maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels for pictures and Full HD for filming. It also has an external flash, but also an integrated one and an ISO sensitivity of 100-25600. Among the available photo effects are: portrait, landscape, selective color, color sketch, miniaturization effect, etc. The main functions are: white balance, continuous shooting, microphone and wi-fi.

In addition to the included lens, you will also find in the package an eyepiece cover, a strap, but also the necessary battery and chargers. 135.5 x 106.76 x 76 mm are the dimensions and 675 grams weight.

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