How to find the Google Images “view” button?

Google decided to remove the “view” button from Google Images earlier this week, but several extensions make it easy to find.

Many presented it as the news of the week, the removal of this famous button gave birth to a real shock wave on the web and on social networks. Hundreds of comments rocketed, accompanied by a significant number of articles in the media.

How To Find The Google Images View Button

If Google took this astonishing decision, it is obviously not to annoy Internet users.

Google Images: a button disappears and everything is depopulated

In fact, the removal of this button is due to a recent agreement with Getty Images, one of the largest photo agencies in the world. From now on, thanks to this new agreement, the American giant will be able to use the photographs of its new partner in its image search, but one of the conditions set by the photo specialist was precisely the removal of this button.

In fact, of course, the disappearance of this button does not change much for the Internet user since a simple right click displays the image associated with the thumbnail in a new tab.

However, if this method does not bring you complete satisfaction, then nothing is completely lost, because there are extensions offering to bring this famous pimple back to life.

An extension to find the missing button

On Chrome, it will suffice to install this tool to make the button reappear next to the other controls. The operation of the latter will not change and a simple click will suffice to display the associated photo in large format.

The developer of this tool had the very good idea to also offer its extension on Firefox and it can thus be retrieved through this link . Its operation is identical and it will suffice to install it to recover this famous button.

It should still be remembered that the photos indexed by Google Images are very often protected by copyright and therefore cannot always be reused. If you are looking for images to reuse in your personal or professional projects, then you can go here or go directly to the essential Pixabay.

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