How to force empty trash in OS X from command line

OS X is fairly stable, that's a fact, but it does also occasionally crash or bug. And precisely, if your trash refuses to empty, then know that there is a command line to put it back on the right track.

I was working on editing a video last week when a warning message popped up on my iMac screen telling me the primary drive was full. So I started cleaning up my files by moving my previous videos and edits to my NAS.

How To Force Empty Trash In Os X From Command Line

If your trash is messing, then this command line is for you.

I then transferred all the files to free up as much space as possible, and the recycle bin quickly found itself with over 200 GB of data to delete.

Yosemite sometimes has trouble handling large amounts of data

But now, when it was time to empty it, my Finder started to do its own thing and crash. You have to believe that Yosemite sometimes has trouble juggling large volumes of data. Thereupon, the system began to row and my applications were all frozen.

The good thing about it is that it made me dig around and I came across a very simple command that allowed me to empty my trash and get my OS X back on track.

If you are facing the same problem as me, then start by launching the terminal. It's in the “Applications” folder and in the “Utility” folder, but you can also go through Spotlight to get your hands on it faster.

Then type the following command and validate your choice using the “Enter” key on the keyboard:

 sudo rm -rf ~ / .Trash *

There, the terminal will ask you to enter your password. Do it. If it does not appear, it is normal, it is about a protection but the system will see it well, so it is in your interest not to make a typo. Then, all you have to do is validate the command using the “Enter” key to empty the recycle bin.

And that's it, it's over, you can go back to your activities.

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