how to get free vpn server address

how to get free vpn server address

For regular users it is not a necessary program, but a VPN may be helpful in various circumstances, especially when you want to buy something online or when you want to plan a vacation or when you want to get access to geographically restricted content. Here's what you need to know about VPNs and how you can get one.

You spend more and more time on the Internet every day, on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, or even on TV or console, always needing a stable and unrestricted connection. For Romania you do not need an anonymous connection because all information is generally free. The same is not necessarily true when we talk about services in other countries that may restrict their content depending on the area you are in, especially on country criteria, here can intervene a free VPN or a paid one, as the case may be and budget , with the help of which to fool the respective site in order to have access to the desired data.

What is VPN

A PC or phone VPN is a useful security application to protect the user's identity and location when online. When it is not included, all Internet activity can be monitored by third parties (browsing history, passwords, bank account details, downloaded files).

On top of that, the IP of the device is also exposed, all the activities carried out online being easily assigned to it. And the IP address is the one that reveals your physical location, and can be used for real-time tracking. Instead, when you use an online VPN, this information will be encrypted and your real IP address will be hidden, not being possible to see it by other people, including Internet providers. Those who spy on you will only see encrypted data when they try to check your emails and private messages sent over the VPN.

how to get free vpn server address

How to use VPN

All you have to do is get a free or paid subscription VPN, which you start when you want to send encrypted information or browse without revealing your location through a simple VPN setup. Once opened, the service gives you access to servers from which you will choose one to which you will make a VPN connection, and from that moment your data traffic will be encrypted and no one will be able to spy on you.

The encrypted data traffic is sent to a connected VPN server, and the Internet traffic can come back from such a server, to hide your real location and replace it with that server. This way, you have access to content from anywhere, even censored or monitored in other countries. You have anonymous freedom of online browsing.


With a free VPN you don't spend money and you have freedom on the Internet, eliminating or considerably reducing the degree of censored pages and files.

In many cases, people use free VPNs to access restricted entertainment content, such as some series and movies on Netflix, videos on Youtube or other media platforms or songs on Spotify and other music portals.

Some users prefer a free VPN to access unavailable news sites in Romania and social networking sites such as those in China, without exposing themselves to monitoring. Others do it for the simple reason that they want to remain anonymous on the net.

VPNs may also be needed at work or at home to access various files, data, browsers, or services that are stored on servers at work.

A VPN is also useful when you have relatives abroad and you want to talk to them often on the Internet, being able to use a VPN browser or security solutions of this kind.

You can also access through pro servers and TOR browser or you can hide your browsing history from authorities.

And when you are in other countries you can enjoy the content available here by using a VPN with a Romanian server.

Free VPNs

When we talk about the best IP hiding program, you must keep in mind how much you surf the internet and for what purpose you use the service.

In the first instance, you can try a free VPN to get used to it and see if it does what you want. There are various completely free or browsing limited versions – often 500MB of traffic per day or month – that can help you in this way.

Relevant examples from the top free VPN are TunnelBear, which works on mobile and desktop devices, with a monthly traffic limit, with a monthly subscription, if you need more encrypted data, and, in lists of the best free VPN which limits the monthly traffic to 2 GB, allowing you to connect without worries to Wi-Fi in public, there is also a paid version, obviously, where you can connect several devices at the same time.

Other free VPNs include Proton VPN, a low-speed Swiss-based service with a low speed, however, if you don't pay monthly.

If you want a VPN browser, you can use Opera VPN, which is integrated in the browser of the same name, which is a free service with servers in different European, Asian and American countries.

how to get free vpn server address

Other VPNs you can try

Nord VPN is one of the most popular such services, because it appeals to an aggressive promotion on media and social portals, being easy to use with a simple VPN download, having a few days to try it for free on iPhone , Android or Windows before you buy it.

Another example often circulated is Express VPN, which is not free at all (outside the initial 30-day period), but allows you to have free internet anywhere safe, so you are not afraid to connect to free Wi-Fi networks. in public. And there are also Romanian servers, if you want to access the local content when you are not in the country and you do not have access to it normally.

Cyber Ghost is another premium VPN service that can improve your browsing and data access, using a simple internet subscription for safe and confidential browsing.

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