How to install Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on iOS and Android?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been available since last week in Australia. It is currently not possible to enjoy it in Europe or even the rest of the world, but there are a few tips or two to get around the problem.

Nintendo has ignored the mobility market for a long time, but things have changed a lot since last year, and more specifically since the launch of Pokemon Go.

How To Install Animal Crossing Pocket Camp On Ios And Android

The Japanese firm has indeed realized the potential of this market. Since then, she has launched several applications on iOS and Android.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, an Australian exclusive for the moment

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the last on the list and looks set to be a big hit. The tool has indeed quickly risen to the top of the charts and it has seduced millions of inveterate gamers in the space of just a few days.

However, Nintendo has once again chosen to proceed in stages and the application is only available in Australia for the moment. Fortunately, as the famous saying goes, no one is bound by the impossible. There is indeed a solution to get around the problem and enjoy Pocket Camp from any region of the world.

On iOS, people wishing to install the title will have to first disconnect from the AppStore and then click on this link to open the Australian version of the store. The latter will then ask them to create an account and they must do so before returning to the title page.

How do I manually install Pocket Camp on iOS and Android?

Regarding Android, the procedure is even simpler and it will suffice to download the APK file by going to this address and authorize the installation of applications from unknown sources in the process on their terminal.

However, the procedure is not without danger. Downloading an APK file does indeed involve many risks and it is therefore best to take the time to think it over before you start.

Some files can indeed be corrupted. Now, this file has been taken up by most of the specialized sites and it has undergone a series of examinations in the process.

So far, no one has detected any virus.