How to know if your applications are compatible with OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite has been available since last night and you must be many, very many, wondering if you should wait a little longer before you launch and before installing it on your brand new machine. Only you can answer this thorny question, but this service should still be very useful to you. Thanks to RoaringApps , you will actually be able to check whether your favorite software is compatible with the new version of the system.

And it does it pretty well, too, which really doesn't spoil anything. Its operation is also of a childish simplicity since you will only have to enter the name of your application in the field dedicated to this purpose and then click on its name to access its file.

How To Know If Your Applications Are Compatible With Os X Yosemite

RoaringApps, remember this name because it will be very useful to you.

At the very top you will find several small bubbles lined up next to each other. They symbolize the compatibility of the selected application with the latest versions of OS X. You will then know immediately if it can run on Mavericks, or even on Yosemite. Further down, you will access additional information, and a table listing all the functions supported by the solution.

For example, you will know if your favorite tool is compatible with notification center widgets, or with iCloud Drive.

It's simple, it's fast and you can also access a compatibility table listing all the applications registered in the RoaringApps database. If you feel like it, you will also have the possibility to create an account on the platform to keep track of your favorite applications.

To do what ? To find them more easily during the next system update, of course, and to know if they will be compatible with it.

What more ? Ah yes, which would be great, finally, it is an application allowing to automatically scan the contents of the Applications folder. An application that could suddenly display a compatibility table corresponding to our machine and the programs we have installed on it.

Well, it's already under development. Funny, isn't it?


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