How to list the apps installed on an iPhone?

The interface of iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 is at the same time simple, accessible and extremely stripped down. Getting started is almost immediate, and you don't have to wander like a lost soul to learn how to use it. Great, of course, but it also has some surprises in store and this tip should interest all our apple-bite friends because it will allow them to list all the applications installed on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

By default, all applications downloaded from the AppStore are sent to the platform's home screens. The user can then organize them as they see fit, by moving the icons and grouping them in thematic folders.

How To List The Apps Installed On An Iphone

List all the applications on your iPhone is perfectly possible and it's not very complicated.

However, and unlike Android or even Windows Phone, it is not possible to easily list the applications installed on the terminal. Well, that's in any case what your humble servant thought before coming across this funny trick.

Spotlight, that friend who wants you well

Because in reality, Apple has done things quite well and Spotlight is perfectly capable of carrying out this delicate operation.

How? 'Or' What ? You will see, it is very simple.

Start by bringing up internal search by placing your finger on the screen and pulling it down. A search box then appears before your astonished eyes and that falls quite well since it is him that we need here. Instead of typing your usual queries, just type a single “.” (period) using your favorite virtual keyboard, and admire the result.

Suddenly, Spotlight will display all the applications installed on the terminal.

Listed. Good, and that's not all because it will also show on each line the folder where the tool is stored, just so that you can locate it a little more easily. Note that this tip does not only take into account applications, it also works with files and especially with music tracks stored in iTunes.

Cool, right?

Note: Sorry for the “power users” who knew this trick but… I wasn't so I thought it could be useful to other people too.

How To List The Apps Installed On An Iphone 1