How to make extra money in the military

How to make extra money in the military: Everyone gripes about pay. So, how can you earn more with less effort? Military members have surprising options. Begin with the simplest.

Get a raise. At least nine components of military pay are situational. Comprehending how military pay works may help you maximize your compensation. Extra education and training may help you obtain a better civilian career and increase your pay. Why not utilize it if the military pays for it?

Also, monitor your food and housing costs. You can save money on your housing allowance if you live in a cheap house or apartment (BAH). Similarly, many service troops eat in the dining hall, wasting their $250 BAS. To save money, pack a lunch and eat out.

Get in on the action if you’re on deployment. A hazardous duty volunteer may earn up to $225 extra each month. Relying on the military pay system increases current income.

Pay per diem. Most servicemembers consider traveling a waste of money, spending it on meals, presents, and other frivolities. My stay-at-home husband travels for Per Diem pay. An eight-day vacation to North Carolina included grocery shopping for bag lunches and supper. He and his companions bought soda and beer to avoid spending $5 per drink at restaurants.

Planned ahead of time and entertained themselves in their temporary accommodations, my spouse saved about $1,000 to come home to his family.


How to make extra money in the military details

How to make extra money in the military details

 Brief details about Side hustles for active duty military:

Passive income for military: A second military job?

To work a second job, you must have command approval.

They must ensure that your part-time employment does not clash with mission needs.

They must also verify that you are not engaged in a security-risk job.

Part-time employment must also be ethical—a military procurement manager employed by a defense contractor, for example, may conflict.

As long as you can show that your second employment follows the military’s schedule and presents no security or ethical difficulties, you’ll be accepted for a second job.

I’ve just requested my OIC for approval depending on the branch, and they’ll seek the CO’s authorization.

Details on the approval process are in my friend’s MilDollar article.

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How to make extra money in the military insights

Best side hustles for military  insights

Tricks about how to make extra money in the military

Tricks about How to make extra money in the military

 How to make extra money in the military  step by step:

Wait for kids. Myth: Military perks increase if you have kids. You get extra BAH if you are married, but not for kids. And kids are costly! Diapers and formulas alone cost $150 each month. That would be an extra $100-200 a week. Not to mention losing my income and relying totally on my husband’s.

Consider a more extended honeymoon with your spouse before having kids. You may spend time together while saving money for kids.

Appointment. Most military personnel depart around noon, and working a second job is possible. Home Depot and Wal-Mart want to employ military people for nights and weekends, and they will work extra or weekends for flexibility.

Always purchase a house. Buying a property takes time and effort. Buy a home as an investment. In any case, purchasing a home based on emotions is foolish.

Many options exist to invest in property. A good fixer-upper may be renovated and resold for a profit. Some families choose to rent first, then purchase a new home in their new area. If you can rent your house for enough to cover your mortgage, you can build equity for free. A skilled real estate agent can assist you in making the most significant financial decision.


How to make extra money in the military

How to make extra money in the military

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Military millionaires: Apps

Consider how Airbnb revolutionized hotels and Uber disrupted taxis!

Fortunately, you may utilize these tools to find a lucrative military side business.

Uber and Lyft are popular rideshare apps where you act as a taxi driver.

Your mission is to take them to their goal. So, no James Bond theme song and no tactical driving…but it’s beautiful!

This is a terrific way to generate extra money, meet new people, and learn about your local community.

How to make extra money in the military essential info

How to make extra money in the military essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

Military millionaires: It’s my side job!

Like to shop?

Nor do I!

I like getting paid to purchase for others!

Buy things and deliver them to people’s homes using Instacart. The beauty of this program is that you can earn a livelihood without driving. Simply buy them groceries (using the app) and deliver them.

You may make money while listening to audiobooks. It’s also a great way to meet successful people!


Do you have a non-weekly car? Rent your vehicle on Turo to earn extra cash.

Turo allows you to hire cars.

When my wife was out of town, I borrowed her car and gladly rented mine when I was not using it.

This way, you can easily cover your monthly car expenses while making money.

Someone had a Turo fleet of six automobiles!


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