How to make money early in stardew valley

How to make money early in stardew valley: Farmers rule Stardew Valley. Crops are planned for each season because crops are essential to riches in the game.

Other methods to obtain a lot of Stardew Valley gold are less well known. These strategies are particularly effective in the winter when crops are scarce and not missed in other seasons. Many of these duties are essential for a wealthy farmer.


How to make money early in stardew valley details

How to make money early in stardew valley details

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how to make money in stardew valley: All these Stardew Valley suggestions will help you complete daily tasks. You can assist your farm’s goats’ bleats by doing a few things. Finally, Stardew Valley tips! It’s not always simple to maximize Stardew Valley’s potential. First, your crops? Your pets? Talk to the locals? The mines? Playing smartly may be enjoyable. Luckily, we’ve assembled our best tips for generating money quickly while still enjoying your first year in the game.

To establish your reputation in the community and take care of your farm, Stardew Valley is a farming sim akin to Harvest Moon. Despite its cute exterior, this is a game full of mechanics, options, and difficulty.

It may seem slow at first as you discover everything that Stardew has to offer, but we’re here to assist.

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How to make money early in stardew valley insights

stardew valley best way to make money endgame  insights

Tricks about how to make money early in stardew valley

Tricks about How to make money early in stardew valley

 How to make money early in stardew valley  step by step:

Get rich quick in Stardew.

Stardew Valley gives you 500g or 500 gold pieces. A lot, but you’ll quickly run out, leaving you scratching your head as to what you can make with less time spent waiting.

There is no fast way to become wealthy in Stardew Valley, but you may speed up the process.
1. Invest in crops now

It contains 15 turnip seeds that should be planted promptly, just till 15 little areas using your new home. Or they won’t grow until you feed them a can of warm water.

Then carefully invest in more seeds from Pierre’s business in town. But watch what crops you buy and when. Cauliflower seeds are 80g, but the yield is worth much more. Get more turnip and potato seeds. Not only do they retail for 80g, but they may produce another potato when harvested, meaning you get more spud for your money. With turnips, you’ll have enough money to invest in a large cauliflower crop.
Precious harvests of the season

Stardew Valley requires you to know which crops earn the most money in each season. Examine the first-year minimum pricing for each harvest and season (depending on product quality) and how to get them. Also, bear in mind that certain crops, like green beans and hot peppers, generate several harvests.


How to make money early in stardew valley

How to make money early in stardew valley

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stardew valley money making 2022: One other advice is to save up for a Greenhouse, which enables you to grow food all year round.


• 35g or more parsnips
80g potatoes (Pierre’s General Store seeds)
190g cauliflower seeds
40g green beans (Pierre’s General Store seeds)
500 g berries (Obtain seeds during Egg Festival on Spring 13)


Hops (20-25g)
– 50g blueberries
– 40g or more spicy peppers
RADISHES 90g (Pierre’s seeds)
– 25g or more wheat
250g Melons (Pierre’s General Store seeds)
— 50 g corn (Pierre’s contains seeds)
– 60g or more tomato seeds


– 320g pumpkin seeds
– 80g grapes + 160g artichokes (Pierre’s General Store seeds)
— Bok Choy – 80g or more
– 160g Yam + 150g Amaranth (seeds from Pierre’s General Store)
2000g RARE SEED (Buy seeds from the Gypsy Wagon)

3. Cool Square

You may generate more money by paying closer attention to your seed location while planting. 3×3 squares for cauliflower, melons, and pumpkins Enhance the likelihood of a large crop filling all nine yards of soil. It won’t work till harvest, but why not try?
Then worry about animals.

Save time and money by waiting until you have a lot more gold in your wallet. I fell for the idea of spending money on farm animals’ housing, food, and new friends.

You’ll need to buy hay from Marnie to survive the winter if you’re like me. Then there’s the 50g hay.

Not a bad risk is given the Community Centre’s demand for meat.

How to make money early in stardew valley essential info

How to make money early in stardew valley essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

stardew valley tips: Plan for wood

Spend time falling trees after planting and watering your crops. Start saving wood to unlock new farm buildings and goods. Not to mention it’s easy to make valuable items like storage chests from it.
Close the seawall.

Fix the bridge to the beach’s left after 300 wood. You’ll gain access to the Tidal Pools, where coral, sea urchins, and shells are discovered daily. You may either send them or sell them to Willy, the fisherman, at his pier shop.
7. Max out the mines

When you reach your first year, you’ll get a letter stating that all obstacles northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop and west of Adventurer’s Guild have been magically eliminated. Foraging in them gives a multitude of unique artifacts worth cash and gold.

The mines include 120 levels, and five save points. The substance improves with depth. Locate objects and the next level’s ladder using a hoe and a pickaxe. You’ll also obtain a weapon to combat the enemies, and I don’t think you need to carry food to use your gun.
All caught!

You’ll need it for fishing. Willy offers you a fishing rod early in the game, and you quickly discover that it can be a lucrative hobby.

It’s tough to master at first, but there’s a knack for it. Your rod and reel are ready. Wait until your cursor reaches the meter’s top. Cast your line as far as it will go to capture more fish. When a fish bites, press action.

This time, keep the green border around the fish long enough for the capture bar to fill. If your bar is low, the fish will escape. Fishing improves your skills and increases your green window, making it easier to catch fish.

Then fishing becomes a terrific way to generate fast money. Close to the surface, fish bite quicker and are more lucrative.

So you can add bait to your line, grab Willy’s fiberglass rod (available after fishing level two). You may also buy crab pots from him if you reach fishing level three. Just remember to check for catch and refill the bait daily to earn a little more.


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