How to make money in bunker

How to make money in bunker: Bunkers (also known as Los Santos Airbase Bunkers) are now buyable property in GTA Online. The entrances indicate they are historical military installations.


How to make money in bunker details

How to make money in bunker details

 Brief details about gta 5 bunker profit solo:

how to enter bunker gta 5: Many methods exist in GTA Online to gain money. But heists and businesses pay the best. If you can only afford one Bunker, get this one. This post will discuss Bunker management. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Bunkers are available at eleven locations in GTA Online. And their profit margins are comparable. The only variation is their location on the map, which is also significant. So much so that their price is fantastic or horrible. Bunkers are cheaper north of Los Santos than south of the city. So, what? Selling to Los Santos doubles your earnings. You fetch most of the bunker supplies from Los Santos.

To buy a bunker, go to Maze Bank Foreclosures on your phone. On the map, we’ve marked 11 unique Bunkers with names and prices.

     You can read more about Bunkers on specified pages.

How to make money in bunker insights

how to make money in gta 5 online  insights

Tricks about how to make money in bunker

Tricks about How to make money in bunker

 How to make money in bunker  step by step:

One million dollars each for the Chumash and Farmhouse Bunkers, the Zancudo and Route 68 Bunkers, and the Route 68 Bunker.
2.290.000 Thomson Bunker 1 450 000 1-750K Bunker Paleto Forest Bunker 1,165,000

What’s Best?

We won’t say, That Bunker is the best in the game because… Except for the price, their locations are identical. Of course, one or more is better. As you can see, the south-facing Bunkers cost more.

We can help you find it. Buy a Bunker near the city. It will help many Bunker missions. This is why some players select Chumash Bunker. Of course, it’s the most southern. Tackling the map’s core will take time.

Avoid Paleto Forest Bunker! This low-cost Bunker attracts fresh players to the battlefield. It isn’t good when you have to go to the other end of the map. You can usually do sales projects on time, but even the simplest ones cause unnecessary worry.

Of course, the option is yours. If you don’t like it, modify it. Your Bunker’s price will be halved.

Most of the firms can be improved. These are mostly decorative or profit options. Bunkers may be modified after purchase.


How to make money in bunker

How to make money in bunker

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gta 5 bunker profit without upgrades: Bunker Design

You have three decorating options. The first choice is free and does nothing. The second and third options seem more appealing. It’s not a cave.

1: Free 2: $215,000
– 3: $290,000

Room for Me

You won’t notice this improvement. The personal quarter upgrade includes a bed and wardrobe in a bunker room. When entering a new lobby, you may choose to spawn as Bunker. Getting a hotel could be a good idea if you just have one option. The project cost $265,000.

Bunker’s polygon may help you aim better. These polygons include training areas where you may earn rewards. Each of the three levels has a reward.

How to make money in bunker essential info

How to make money in bunker essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

gta 5 bunker guide: Tier 1: There is just one target. — Metallic Gold and Platinum Mk II skins are $100,000 apiece.
— Bunker’s alcove includes Grenades.
Ground and ceiling targets. — Your throwable weapons (such explosives, C4) get five units.
— Grab it from Bunker’sBunker’s alcove.
– Targets on the ground and ceiling. — The Bunker’sBunker’s alcove has Rocket Launcher. Unlock three hats, six tees, and three hoodies.

The shooting range is pricey. It is $740,000 for black and $845,00 for white.

Everyone has new weapons. Some places offer Gun Lockers where you may store unwanted guns. But only if you think it’s worth $175,000.

The bunkers’ interior structure is huge. That’s why BunkerBunker upgraded. They cost $85,000 apiece. $120,000 cooler golf carts
Speed Upgrades

The Bunker’sBunker’s laptop also offers upgrades. Increased revenue. Bunker’s Staff Upgrade costs $589,500. The $1,150,000 Equipment Upgrade increases output. If you can afford it, get them first.


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