How to make money in elite dangerous

How to make money in elite dangerous: Money problems in Elite Dangerous? Get money in the game’s professions using our guidance.

You can’t do anything in Elite Dangerous without credits, and there are several ways to get them. While it is true that specific vocations and pursuits pay more than others, it is still necessary to learn about them all. Knowing how to obtain additional credit is usually beneficial.
Getting rich jobs

Access the Bulletin Board at any station and seek chores that pay a little more. More details in the mission part of this guide.

Elite Dangerous and 5 Ways to Die in Profitable Space Exploration

You can earn some outstanding credits if you can’t resist the seductive call of space. Exploration has two stages, including the planets, stars, and asteroid fields. One by one, you scan the components.

Begin by installing a Discovery Scanner and exploring the game’s maps. You wish to find systems with Unknown components. Then use your Discovery Scanner (see our UI introduction) to capture any celestial bodies within 500LS. If you’re in a big area, conduct plenty of scans. Then you’ll see Unknown products in your left pilot panel.


How to make money in elite dangerous details

How to make money in elite dangerous details

 Brief details about how to make money in elite dangerous for beginners:

elite dangerous how to make money trading: While upgrading your ship’s cargo capacity will take a long time, you’ll gain money and be able to improve your ships. So:

I started with a Cobra MK III, but the needs are universal. After 2 or 3 runs. I traded for a Krait MKII after one run. I bought ships and equipped them with them. Then I acquired a Krait python. The Python is a great miner. Smaller and bigger ships with more cargo are available. I’ll probably reach another Krait MKII for baggage capacity. Despite being warned not to deep core a large boat, I’m considering it now. I’m less worried about mobility since I know I can navigate. Never mind 600 boxes in one go. ( You will also be scanned and blackmailed if you leave mid-mine. Fight, escape, or pay.

Among the essentials:

To install up to 6-10 Collector Limpet Controllers (I’d say initially only 2 or 4) Controller Prospector Limpet (only need to be able to deploy 1) The Shield Generator (don’t give it up for a cargo cap)
much cargo
Extra is extra.

Launcher for Seismic Charges
Extra is extra.

Pulse Wave Mounts (Shield Boosters never hurt)

Each run requires replenishment and advanced maintenance—embrace limpets.

Do what is internal. More on Thrusters later, but FSD can help you get to your selling system quicker. Nothing worse than having everything lined up, arriving at your extraction site, deploying hardpoints, and then the ship loses systems.

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How to make money in elite dangerous insights

elite dangerous money cheat  insights

Tricks about how to make money in elite dangerous

Tricks about How to make money in elite dangerous

 How to make money in elite dangerous  step by step:

First, I scan the EDDB’s commodities website for hot minerals (Void Opals, Grandidierite, and Alexandrite are usually the big hitters). Next, choose a system with ringed planets. Other than Icy rings, making money is simple. Embark on a voyage to a beautiful planet with a ring. Hotspots will appear—drop-in on a hotspot selling the most valuables that day. After entering, you’ll spend an hour or two searching for appropriate asteroids to mine. Fly across the asteroid field, looking for yellow asteroids with red centers. This is a must-have skill. It focuses on what requires practice. They all have the same shape/surface texture in one ring type. Not just any sparkly asteroid, but one with a strong, solid color rather than a transparent one. Focus on an asteroid that seems brighter from afar than from close. Find a nice sparkly asteroid and shoot it. Wait for the limpet to fly out in front of you. It will inform you after impact what the asteroid is made of. Core Detected asteroids only. If it’s not the proper mineral, utilize EDDB to value it.

Fly about and discharge seismic charges to find your kid. Fissures. Fissure hardness is graded from low to high. The launcher’s charge quantity is held. Low, medium, and tall! After that, a 120-second countdown starts. Charge until the meter at the top right indicates optimal yield efficiency obtained. MOVE OR BOOM!!!! Retrace 2km. If you’re still haggling about charges at 15, quit. Authorities may be disarmed if they give too much.

It blows away valuable ore fragments. Send your limpet collectors out to gather (make sure you open your cargo scoop for this part). With the abrasion blaster, you can fire surface deposits at your buddies. Relax; your little buddies will get everything for you.

Rep till you’re out of limpets. To make room for products, gently remove limpets. Now you may pay for your stuff by flying to the highest paying station. Your willingness to go the extra mile may be tested, and larger loads imply more choices.

I got 90 miles in 1.5 hours. My cargo was barely half-filled, and getting excellent roids is tough. With the right skill, market, and cargo limit, you can easily make 50-100mil cr/h. Success!!


How to make money in elite dangerous

How to make money in elite dangerous

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in elite dangerous?

elite: dangerous best way to make money 2022 reddit: Many Elite: Dangerous gamers are familiar with mining, and my preference was bounty hunting or exploring for years. Other activities may provide cash, but mining dwarfs them. New players may profit from this but should upgrade as soon as possible.

Others remember the Robigo Mines era. However, unlike Low-Temperature Diamond (LTD) mining, it may produce millions in only 10-15 minutes.

It’s not as fun to fly as Mine.

But the Bormann mining site has vanished, Commanders. Col 285 CC-K A38-2 Isn’t it lovely?

I expected terrific results, but not this much profit. Unlike Borann A 2, Col 285 Sector CC-K A38-2 1 uses underground Low-Temperature Diamond mining.

To Col 285 Sector CC-K A38-2 1, roughly 200ly from Sol, you’ll need a few things. My Python ran with:

1x 2B SDM 2x 1D Abrasion Blasters 1x 0A Pulse Wave Analyzer

SDM and Abrasion Blaster need one each. While we’re underground mining, you could locate a core asteroid. Oh, and a DSS.

My ship had collector and prospector limpets. Before you go, stock up on Advanced Maintenance! Here’s how to make a lot of money quickly.

Col 285 Sector CC-K A38-2, first planet.

– Launch your Detailed Surface Scanner.

– Accelerate towards the three overlapping Low-Temperature Diamond hotspots.

– Wait for the pirate to spawn in the ring system.

Find the bright stones with your PWA.
– Fire a prospector limpet at them.
– Locate Low-Temperature Diamond points in your Contacts panel.
— Pick one program, and on to the next gleaming gem.

– Switch to your Subsurface Displacement Missile filegroup, orient your ship, and fire the missile.

— A minigame. Wait for the HUD to update in the bottom left. Keep the pointer on the blue dot (purple in my case). Hold the trigger until it lands.
– Then, switch to your Abrasion Blaster filegroup.

So let your limpets gobble up the asteroid. Your refinery will rapidly fill up.

Money is needed, whether you’ve run out of limpets or your cargo holds. So, I’ll check the priciest system (Hajo), choose a path, and land Restock limpets at Col 285 Sector CC-K A38-2 1.
Passenger Jobs

Initially, get a few travelers. Toss them into your optional internal slots from a neighboring system (Inara). I used Python, so the cabin was plenty. Except in Asp Explorer. Make do with a smaller ship. To go to Sothis in two jumps, your boat must have a 30ly jump range.

Remember that the people we’ll be carrying are illegal. It’s a big deal if you’re scanned, and you won’t be scanned at all in this run.

Create a Galaxy Map route to Robigo Mines. If you’ve been there, pick Robigo Mines. Large ships cannot dock at outposts, so you must be on a smaller ship. Passenger Lounge through services menu.

How to make money in elite dangerous essential info

How to make money in elite dangerous essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

elite dangerous odyssey money glitch: Don’t be fooled by missions offering tens of millions. Some people aim to traverse tens of thousands of lightyears, and we need five miles or less for our cottages. The mission board’s right side has the goal. A quest for Sirius Atmospherics.

—Select Sothis on your Galaxy Map. On Sothis A 5, the planet’s far side Sirius Atmospherics beacon. Your navigation panel must initially display the beacon within 1,000 light seconds.

To target, the beacon, drop out of supercruise and target it. You’ll be informed when done. Set sail towards Robigo Mines.

Return duties to Robigo Mines. That’s it. Report to Robigo Mines. You’ll get credit for little work. Replicate.

The best tasks come from allying with the Robigo Mines groups. If not, it’s easy. Simply do passenger missions and chores for them.
Mine laws

Elite Risk

Windows HQ

Elite: Dangerous rapidly located a new mining area. Bormann A 2 made substantially more money than me, although being less convenient. Millionaires are made in a few hours of work. My only hope is that Col 285 Sector CC-K A38-2 1 was easier to write.

Second, the presence of brown dwarfs makes refueling for the voyage to Hajo problematic. But not everyone can afford a Fleet Carrier.

We’ll update this guide when we discover new ways to make money. Thank you, Commanders. Happy flying!

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