How to make money in japan

How to make money in japan: This list is easy and fun to complete. On this list, I prefer attending lectures. My seminars were a blast. A job teaching what I like was fantastic!

Secret Shopper

What a terrific pick! This is a great way to get money fast in Japan despite certain limitations.

This profession needs typical behavior at a store or restaurant. Note the customer service. You then fill out questionnaires about your experience. Done! Enjoyable! Paperwork and job assignments cause issues. Overall, it’s a great way to generate money as a spy.

Start with Gaijin Pot or International Service Check.


How to make money in japan details

How to make money in japan details

 Brief details about how to make money in japan online:

apps to earn money in japan: Japan is a Japanese island. It is situated in the northwest Pacific Ocean, between the Sea of Japan and Taiwan. Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa are the five major islands. A few notable cities include Yokohama, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kyoto.

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How to make money in japan insights

how to make money as a tourist in japan  insights

Tricks about how to make money in japan

Tricks about How to make money in japan

 How to make money in japan  step by step:

Idea #2: Menus

A little Japanese or dictionary patience is essential.

Some restaurants don’t have English menus or have menus like this:


They’re fun to read, but they might be better. Many businesses (I once translated a ski resort leaflet) would want a menu written in English. Unquestionably, an English menu or signage would help them.

It takes effort, but translating menus is easy and pays well. Most Izakaiyas and restaurants have English menus.

After supper, ask for an English menu. Then you may work out payment details. It’s a great way to make money fast in Japan.

Idea #3: Move People

Boxed dog

It’s a great way to get money fast in Japan. In April, tens of thousands migrate. Offer to help them move. Hauling a fridge is challenging for anybody.

Ask around before moving season starts if anybody needs help moving. ASK YOUR COWORKERS OR NEIGHB. You’ll find someone willing to help you with money. After all, no one loves moving, so help makes it simpler and faster.


How to make money in japan

How to make money in japan

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how to make money in japan as a student: Idea #4: Recycle

Sorry. Not the most original idea, but one of the best ways to earn money fast in Japan. Japan’s big recycling shops buy almost everything. Offer to purchase your old sports gear or clothes. These jobs don’t pay much, but it feels good to clean up now and again.

Ask your friends or neighbors if they have unwanted stuff. You may offer to remove it, relocate it for free, and recycle it! It is a win.

Don’t forget that during the moving season or huge trash days, collecting goods from the rubbish to recycle is prohibited. Yes, the Japanese trash good things. But selling these products to a recycler is illegal.

Find these prominent recyclers in Japan. The company’s website has a store locator.

They are all members of the Hardoff Group. Bookoff sells manga.

Second Street is a significant chain (only in Japanese).

Check out DonDonDown and Treasure Factory as well.

Old American Clothes for Sale (different than above)

Shirt hanger

Many small shops in Japan sell mostly antique American clothes. Old American Style (fancy). Let me remember my first visit to an American clothing store. I saw a pile of worn-out t-shirts. A Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin t-shirt was 6,000 yen! It stunned me. I contacted my father, asking for some old clothes. I did it!

So keep a lookout for these stores. I can’t identify them since they’re primarily small enterprises. But many. Lee Jeans, Levis, and Harley Davidson apparel are also thriving.

How to make money in japan essential info

How to make money in japan essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how to make money in japan as a foreigner: 6. Pet Sitter

Japan has many pet cats and dogs. Most owners are afraid about leaving their pets while traveling. Many individuals avoid pet hotels due to high costs. You may help and earn money here.

Please inform your friends and relatives that you like animals and pet sit for them. Publish a free ad on Craigslist. Price your pet and make money.

Many individuals also enjoy plants. In their absence, they employ others to water their plants. Both are feasible options in Japan.

Rent Out Extra Space


I know there isn’t much spare space in Japan, but it’s a great way to make some extra cash if you have some. You may hire storage or even rooms in Japan.

Airbnb is a good alternative since you may rent out empty rooms on their website. Or your whole apartment while on vacation. The problem with Airbnb is Japan’s tardiness. Japan has strict Airbnb rules that change often. Verify Airbnb’s status before utilizing it in Japan.

Another option is to rent storage or parking. If you have a landlord, consider renting out your parking space. If you succeed, you will fast make a lot of money.

Rent out your spare room or garage. Ask around your network if anybody needs storage capacity. Storage for snowboards, motorbikes, or gear will be required. Try it out!

Hold Workshops

This is not difficult at all. After a few tries, it becomes a fun way to make money in Japan. A workshop is for those who can cook or create.

Define your goals before selecting a location. Most towns have lodging. Then comes spreading the word. Simply charge a fixed amount per person.

I am an example. Since childhood, I’ve been building dream catchers and decided to start a workshop to educate others. I made fliers and advertised them on JMTY. My first class had 7!

I also reserved a city hall room for $600/hour. Ich kaufte die Materialien und biete dem Kurs Tee an It was fun. After all, I was merely mentioning a hobby.


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