How to make money in kotor

How to make money in kotor: The idea is to beat your opponent’s total without going over 20. If a player’s total is 20 or more at the end of a turn, the opponent wins. To win the bet, a player must win three sets.

Pazakak has a 40-card main deck (numbered 1–10) and a 6-card side deck (-6–+6).


How to make money in kotor details

How to make money in kotor details

 Brief details about kotor secrets:

kotor t3 m4 2,000 credits: The swoop racing minigame is notoriously difficult, and credits are few. You can indeed make a lot of money this way, enough to last a whole game.

The best way to make money, in my opinion, is unethical (though not evil per se, as it can be done with good intentions).

Obtain medics. Simple medpacs, anywhere (look for shopkeepers that sell an infinite amount, I think there is one in the Manaan spaceport). Buy as much as you can afford (so maybe sell useless items to stock more medics).

(2) Finish the Manaan main questline to the Firaxin Shark before the Star Map. You chose poison over destroying the device now. Taking away Kolto boosts the cost of medical supplies.

You sell your medics at Yavin Station for a big profit. So stock up now since MedPAC’s will only be offered at a premium afterward.

This method requires the main quest for Manaan, a sub-optimal solution for Manaan, a major dark side alignment shift, and the Yavin Station to be built. I’m not sure whether conventional traders are still profitable.

You feel like a smuggler when you sell medpacs at a premium price established by you.

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How to make money in kotor insights

kotor secret items  insights

Tricks about how to make money in kotor

Tricks about How to make money in kotor

 How to make money in kotor  step by step:

Can someone come up with an alternative endless/large source of cash for female characters that don’t have Handmaiden robes?

You may retain the toilet slave girl and get a dark side hit early on.

The enslaved person, the Red Eclipse, enslaved people. You may earn light side points by killing them or collecting your profits in the cantina.

Once 750 credits are set, the Ithorian stakes are set. He’ll never be broke and play for the armor components. There are seven hundred fifty credits (conversation option only) to get the I’m broke response.

Since you spent so much on them, they must be worth more than 3,000 credits. Then, after mentioning the hidden sensors, offer them to him for 3k. For 3k, you’ll earn 4k and typical influence gains or 5k in credits.

The mercs need help, but Khoonda wants more credits.

Allowing Sakarie to benefit by selling the weapon, crystal, or demanding credits on Onderon.


How to make money in kotor

How to make money in kotor

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kotor credits cheat switch: Work Exposed Kotor:

Working In Kotor Kor2 and Windows 7 crash fixes, KOTOR 2 is an ancient Star Wars computer game.

This video shows how to get tons of in-game credits with crew skills. These

KOR: The Old Republic

How to make money in kotor essential info

How to make money in kotor essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

kotor sell lightsaber: The player may swoop racing for cash. Old Republic II: The Sith Lords


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