Making Money in My Time at Portia: A Comprehensive Guide

 My Time at Portia changes things up by focusing on constructing instead than farming.

My Time at Portia is a captivating simulation role-playing game where players can immerse themselves in a vibrant world full of creativity, crafting, and exploration. As you embark on your journey in Portia, one of the key aspects you’ll need to master is earning and managing money. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and strategies on how to make money efficiently in My Time at Portia.


How to make money in my time in portia
How to make money in my time in portia every day


  1. Fulfilling Commission Requests: One of the primary ways to earn money in Portia is by completing commission requests from the Commerce Guild. Pay close attention to the daily requests and choose those that align with your skill set and available resources. Completing these tasks efficiently will not only reward you with money but also increase your reputation, unlocking better rewards and higher-paying commissions.
  2. Farming and Agriculture: Utilize your workshop’s land to cultivate crops and raise animals. Grow a variety of cash crops, such as cotton, herbs, or fruits, and sell them at the local market or to individual shop owners. Additionally, consider raising livestock like chickens, cows, or llamas for their valuable produce, such as eggs, milk, or fur. Regularly tending to your farm and expanding your agricultural endeavors will provide a steady source of income.
  3. Mining and Gathering: Venture into the Abandoned Ruins and search for valuable relics, ores, and gems. Mining can be a lucrative activity, especially when you encounter rare materials. These resources can either be sold directly or processed into valuable items at your workshop, increasing their worth. Don’t forget to gather items like wood, stone, and resin from the surrounding areas, as they can be used in crafting and sold for profit.
  4. Fishing and Hunting: The rivers and lakes of Portia are teeming with fish waiting to be caught. Invest in a fishing rod, learn various fishing techniques, and sell your catches to the local fish market or cook them into delicious dishes to sell at your own shop. Similarly, hunting animals in the wilderness can yield valuable resources like meat, fur, or bones, which can be sold or used in crafting.
  5. Crafting and Selling: With a fully equipped workshop, you have the ability to create a wide range of items. Pay attention to the needs and preferences of the town’s inhabitants and craft items that are in demand. Furniture, weapons, clothing, and accessories are just a few examples of items you can create and sell. Improve your crafting skills, experiment with different combinations, and offer unique items to attract more customers and maximize your profits.
  6. Establishing Relationships: Building strong relationships with the residents of Portia is not only rewarding on a personal level but also financially. By forming friendships or even romantic relationships, you can unlock special requests or events that offer substantial rewards. Additionally, maintaining good relationships with shop owners might lead to exclusive discounts or better prices when selling your goods.
  7. Participating in Events and Competitions: Portia hosts various events and competitions throughout the year, such as the Fishing Day or the Martial Arts Tournament. Participating in these events not only provides an opportunity to showcase your skills but also offers generous rewards and cash prizes for winners. Prepare in advance, practice, and seize these occasions to boost your income significantly.

How to make money in my time in portia



How to make money in my time in portia
my time in portia earnings fact

Prioritize stamina

My Time At Portia Foods

How to make money in my time in portia
make money in my time in portia game

A lot of stamina is required for mining. More extended gathering requires more.

Sure, more stuff means more money. Changing your wardrobe or home décor may assist. Premade meals may help you regain strength, and this is ideal for mines that need quick delivery.

 Mine Your Treasures

The mines include a lot of stuff, minerals, and relics when you first enter. You must resist the temptation to sell everything. You won’t discover little motors very often in the early stages of the game, but they are valuable.

To improve your stats, stockpile stuff and furnishings. Start selling excess furniture and artifacts to get additional cash.


Mine Secret Rooms to Watch For

Finding a secret area among the ruins of Portia

Digging through the Abandoned Ruins reveals a hidden room. They will appear purple on the relic scanner.

Then you must penetrate a tube-like structure to locate the products. Keep a watch out for these hidden rooms, which contain treasure, furniture, and low-level enemies.

How to make money in my time in portia game
How to make money in my time in portia game

Keep an eye on Item Cost

It varies by time at Portia. Keep an eye on pricing. Price ranges are shown on the item screen. It will be clear if you sell your stuff.

Waiting for price increases may result in 100% profit on sales. SAVE UNTIL BUYING COSTS ARE

Tree Farm Quest

Panbats appear in the tree farm early in the game. Begin by disposing of enemies. Then replenish the tree farm’s water supply.

This provides you with a year’s worth of free wood. Getting away early is tough afterward. Give this aim top priority.

Upgrades for bags

The initial inventory space in most games is a pain. Essential instruments occupy most of the 16 slots. More slots are needed to get more goods out, and Portia simplifies buying more slots.

Pick an item from your menu. The grayed-out regions may be purchased for a charge. Long term, a more extensive inventory means higher income.

Prepare the materials required to make the stops ahead of time. So you get all the credit.


Conclusion: Making money in My Time at Portia is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that adds depth to the gameplay. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to accumulating wealth in Portia. Remember, mastering various income streams, cultivating your relationships, and staying attentive to the needs of the town’s inhabitants will pave the path to financial success in this charming world.