how to make money in oblivion

how to make money in oblivion: Faster riches via alchemy. High-level potions just need one ingredient. Make and market cures. I also sell alchemic things (pestles, etc.) from early game mage guilds. I keep enough to remedy. Buy cheap materials (apples, 20 cent coins) and make treatments. This is the best technique.


How to make money in oblivion details

how to make money in oblivion details

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Slain elf corpse, strong element spell, and SI DLC staff of coruption
coruption’s employees 4)attack the cloan quickly or it will target you.
5) If it burns, wait an hour to loot it (YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IN A MIN)
6)Start the game and press A. (I believe only xbox)
• Looting the corpse AND taking the missing name bugs the game.

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How to make money in oblivion insights

how to make money in oblivion insights

Tricks about how to make money in oblivion

Tricks about how to make money in oblivion

 how to make money in oblivion  step by step:

Arena Quests are the best and fastest way to earn cash. 5000 septims in 1 hour. Slowly earning money is the game’s most rewarding duty. Collector To get to Umbacano’s House in Cheydinhal, go through any Ayleid Ruin. He’ll buy them for 500 septims apiece and pay you 5000 septims for all ten. As said. Long shot, but I think it pays off.
The fastest method I’ve found is to mix alchemy materials with food. Food is almost always a fatigue potion. Not stealing, but making a potion from stolen goods.
Each potion should cost at least $25 with a skill of 10. Food is widely accessible, and there are numerous farms nearby.
Alchemy 100 Restore Fatigue potion worth about 70.


How to make money in oblivion

how to make money in oblivion

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Making and selling potions is the easiest way to get money, but your survival skills may suffer if Alchemy is a major.
Wait for the Order of the Virtuous Blood quest (you need to have Fame higher than 5, and then a woman will approach you and kick it off). Sold Vampire Dust to Roland Jenseric for 250 septims each. Clear some vampire dens. Vampire dungeons are full with wealth. Barren Cave, up the hill near the Cheydinhal waterfall, is one of the simplest (aside from Memorial Cave, part of the Virtuous Blood questline).
Looting monster dungeons pays as well. There is a lot of magical riches in dungeons with legendary creatures (Imps at first, Trolls and Spriggans later, etc.). First on the Imperial City-Skingrad road is Greenmead Cave. Kingscrest Cavern is near Cheydinhal and Lord Rugdumph’s land.
If you’re in the Mage’s Guild, you may sell alchemy equipment to the guild alchemist in person.

How to make money in oblivion essential info

how to make money in oblivionessential info

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Alchemy and scrolls use them.
Cheap unenchanted weapons
Larger weapons have a lower ratio.
Quality books are over one gold.
Light armor beats heavy armor.
Prices are high for jewelry.
In order to avoid being burdened down, it is important to take non-zero-weight items.
Set a price cap based on merchant gold supply (e.g. an ebony battle axe is better value than a daedric battle axe if you only have access to 1200 gold merchants).
There should always be a trader with 1200 gold available; use the Merchant List to find out more.
Bargaining is tough because of their Mercantile expertise.
Official downloads feature more gold merchants. Aurelinwae (Wizard’s Tower download), Rowley Eardwulf (Vile Lair download), and Nilphas Omellian (Fighter’s Stronghold download) each have 2000 gold.
Two mastery rewards provide most merchants with 1000 more gold.
A single item may sell for up to 3000 gold.
You’ll want to sell everything if you’re Mercantile.
The iron cuirass is worth more than the leather one in the prior example, therefore remove it if you have 5 or less units of weight. This exception is for merchants. In long-term exploration, this exemption may be irrelevant.
The value ratio may change depending on the percent value of an item. This may make you prefer selling to stealing.
If you can sell 18 Seastride Potions for 96%, 90 Glass Arrows for 91%, or a st y Dagger 77 percent


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