How to make money in phasmophobia

How to make money in phasmophobia: Phasmophobia was developed and published by Kinetic Games. The game will be published in early access on Steam for Windows in September 2020. The following month, the game became viral thanks to Twitch broadcasts and YouTubers playing it for Halloween. Rank 6 on Twitch as of October 15, 2020.

Get paid to take Ghost photos, complete additional tasks, or use Insurance in Phasmophobia. To become the best Ghost hunter ever, you need just a little cash and essential gear to get started.

Notably, the rewards change depending on the difficulty and whether or not you survive.


How to make money in phasmophobia details

How to make money in phasmophobia details

 Brief details about how to get insurance money in phasmophobia:

phasmophobia no money bug: Ghost Photos

Photos taken on Ghost hunts using a Photo Camera. In all cases, a snapshot of Ghost Activity wins the gamer $10. Bring many cameras to collect money.

A caption next to a picture indicates a booming shot that will win you money.

These are the phototypes that pay in Phasmophobia:

Aside from identifying a Ghost Type, you may earn money by photographing it or its shadow. Call it by name to indeed rile it up.

Ghost hunting is risky. The Ghost may potentially kill your pals. Photographing a dead body may still be beneficial. We know they do.
dirty sink


They fill a sink with dirty water when ghosts are near. Look for unclean water in sinks to shoot for extra cash.

A Ghost will start switching lights, shutting and opening doors, ringing phones, and playing pianos when angry. Photograph any unusual activities while seeking for additional cash.

Every organism leaves Fingerprints or footprints. Use a UV lamp or glowstick to capture these ghostly imprints.
Bones and Vampires

You may be paid to shoot artifacts like the Ouija Board and Bones. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can save money on new gear.
Goals Achieved

As you begin a battle in Phasmophobia, keep an eye out for important information about the Ghost that haunts this region. It will also inform you of four more ways to earn extra income. Then three random goals are picked.

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How to make money in phasmophobia insights

phasmophobia easy money 2022  insights

Tricks about how to make money in phasmophobia

Tricks about How to make money in phasmophobia

 How to make money in phasmophobia  step by step:

Optional goals:

Your team should photograph a Ghost Event, and motion sensors may also detect a Ghost.
Take a photo of unclean water in a sink to halt the Ghost hunting.


If a Ghost kills you, you lose all your purchased items. Your expenditures may be reimbursed in part based on your Difficulty Level.


How to make money in phasmophobia

How to make money in phasmophobia

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can you buy money in phasmophobia: Other Spooky Things

Taking photos of illuminated Ouija boards, bones, and voodoo dolls may earn you extra money. These things imply odd conduct. So keep an eye out for these items around the house. They can assist you in receiving additional funds for new equipment. Picking up the bone and photographing it also pays.

How to make money in phasmophobia essential info

How to make money in phasmophobia essential info

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how to get money in phasmophobia cheat 2022: It’s possible to make money photographing Ouija boards and bones. Bone collection may also be lucrative. These items may arise, so keep an eye out for them.


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