How to make money in pixel car racer

How to make money in pixel car racer: New mobile game by Akomplice and ShibuiGhost, Pixel Car Racer. With Android and iOS already available, a Windows Phone version is coming soon. New features, vehicles, and courses are added often.

Like the old Need for Speed games, there’s a lot to do here. In addition to NoS, you may modify your car to your liking and turn it into a vehicle that others would envy!

So why are we still talking if you’re ready to master the game? Let’s dive into Pixel Car Racer tips & tricks now!


How to make money in pixel car racer details

How to make money in pixel car racer details

 Brief details about pixel car racer money hack 2022:

pixel car racer story mode: Install controls first.

The game doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so you’ll have to figure it out independently.

First, customize your controls to get used to the game and make each race easier. We want to win easily and not make it challenging.

So, change the steering, shifting, and MPH or KMH settings in the main game interface.

– Steering is vital in city races and capturing the flag. This way, you won’t accidentally move your phone and strike another car, slowing you down.

– Shifting is gear changing. You may choose your favorite, but I like the two with plus and minus, plus on the right.

– MPH (Miles per hour) and KMH (Kilometers per hour) Pick the one you know best.

You may try various combos, but make sure they suit your style.

Acquire control

It’s time to practice your controls! Start with a spartan drag race, which is quick and easy to learn. So let’s start with drag races!

Drag -> Freerun -> Beginner and GO Keep doing this until you understand how the game works.

After you’ve mastered the game’s controls, go to the next suggestion.

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How to make money in pixel car racer insights

pixel car racer story mode  insights

Tricks about how to make money in pixel car racer

Tricks about How to make money in pixel car racer

 How to make money in pixel car racer  step by step:

Profit early

Generating a quick investment is one of the best ways to start making money quickly. Get a new car that can win a mile and start earning money! How it works:

– First, you’ll have about $10,000 when you start the game. Visit the Shop.

– You can buy a new car.

• Buy a new fast and light vehicle (I selected Asia -> sixth car).

– Shop for Parts

(More on the Parts Store below) Or go on to the next step!

Choose Beginner and join the Tsukuba 1 Mile Race!

You will win this one and collect $2,000! It may quadruple its money by seeing an ad. 4000 from one race!


How to make money in pixel car racer

How to make money in pixel car racer

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pixel car racer story mode: Mile races need more excellent gear ratios than quarter-mile races. But don’t overdo it, or you’ll wind up with a slower automobile. Adjust the gear ratios as needed, but gently.
Upgrading Quickly After Stat Points

Use statistical points as soon as possible. The races will let you get more experience and money. But first, which? Upgrade your XP first since it will allow you to level up faster and give you more money. While cash boosts are excellent, you should prioritize your experience first.
Get Exhausted

Burnouts are a must-have skill in Pixel Car Racer. Be patient if you want a good burnout in the game. First, reverse.
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How to make money in pixel car racer essential info

How to make money in pixel car racer essential info

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pixel car racer how to play: Hold on tight. To stop, just let off of the clutch and stop. Keep your foot on the gas to heat your tires and burn them out quicker.
Buying A Car From A Dealer

The dealership has a ranked list of available cars for sale. A car’s quality is determined by its speed, power, grip, and weight.

Contrary to popular belief, power is related to your car’s motion after a collision. If you hit a car gently, you gain space and speed.

The other three are self-explanatory measures so that you may read the data without concern. A car that fits all four of the above criteria is typically the finest and most flexible vehicle you can purchase.
When To Swap Engines 9.

You won’t need to change engines. After all, a fast car won’t need an additional engine. But if you own a less powerful vehicle, like a Mini Cooper, you may install an engine from another car.
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The Mini Cooper, for example, has a modest ten hp. The power-to-weight ratio and vehicle performance may be improved by upgrading the engine.
10. Nitrous Use

Like other racing games, Pixel Car Racer lets you use nitrous gas. You’ll need Nitrous while racing against faster vehicles, even those with less horsepower and other critical parameters.

The use of Nitrous varies depending on the race. Nitrous regenerates automatically on the street race circuit, but not in Drag mode. On the drag strip, use less Nitrous.

We advocate utilizing Nitrous after second gear to get a big burst of speed and shift speeds faster. After third gear, apply Nitrous.


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