How to make money online in jamaica – updated 2022

Several ways to make money on jamaica: Jamaican may sell Jamaican things to make money online. What I’ve seen Jamaicans offer in an excellent gift basket at a fair price. Many Jamaican items are expensive in America. Paintings and woodcarvings are for sale. Then I noticed rum cakes. $50+ cakes on Etsy. Contemplating a Jamaican Christmas cake

I’ve gathered a list of offline jobs in Jamaica. Tired of being instructed to buy groceries, house sit, pet sit, and walk wealthy people’s dogs. Income ideas:

How to make money online in jamaica
How to make money online in jamaica


Volunteer to train others if you are skilled at it. All year or only during test season. It’s hard to find room. Rent a teaching area if you can. Tutoring one-on-one is cheaper since most individuals utilize their or the student’s homes. Libraries are also free, provide wifi, and are quiet. Exam help may be handy. Warning: you’ll be running a marathon before the test. Spread the word. Organize a marathon with others. Indicator marathon 1: Do it with your mates.

Ways to Educate

You may make money teaching any talent, from music to baking. Please spread the word, find a good site, and price it well.

Money online in jamaica


It’s unfair since you have to use the internet, but applying for a UCA job is a terrific way to supplement your income. I know. The money isn’t guaranteed unless you woo a customer. Combine with other ideas on the list to earn extra. I wouldn’t count on it. @UCAJamaica It’s typically easy to get tickets or work there. That’s when I saw Usain Bolt’s last race before he retired in 2017.

The taxiway

They do it to make additional cash. Obligatory car purchase, of course. If you can, it’s a great job. When dismissed, the driver may not take care of the vehicle since it is not his.

Handmade things

Making bracelets, soaps, etc., maybe a fun project if you can crochet or sew. So do reusable bags, etc. You must invest in yourself as much as in resources, and using social media to promote your business is inexpensive. Pop-up stores are another option in Kingston. Not only do you get paid, but you get new consumers. One is Yaadie Pop Up.

How to make money online in jamaica
Find and sell goods

Perhaps you can’t. Fine. Finding things to sell is another approach to get money from who we know. But the internet would help since it is cheaper and you presumably buy and accept orders there. Ensure you can transport their goods to clients that reside far away. You may sell your items online or in a pop-up shop.

Focus on hot prospects.

Making up is a trendy talent right now. If you are good at makeup, you may make money in Jamaica. Create an IG page. Online makeup your or a friend’s face. Set up business in a local photographer’s office. Perfect MUA events. Like networking or budgeting? Fear of employment.

Jamaica online earnings
Jamaica online earnings


There are numerous tests, from school to postsecondary, but did you know the invigilators are paid? They are. I’ve heard they take a while to pay, but it is an alternative. Many CSEC/CAPE tests they are. They have to be at every high school for a month, so I’m sure they’ll need personnel. Masters students might earn money by invigilating examinations at school. Unreliable income, but an alternative.

Jamaica make money 2022
Jamaica make money 2022

Buy stocks

Dividends and stock/coin sales may be beneficial if done correctly. The JSE accepted my post on buying Jamaican equities. A stock is a long-term investment, not monthly rent.


Not a student or selected? Publicity is often bought. This may be flyering or attending events. Women’s jobs that pay little yet give pocket money It’s possible to attract recurring business and even partygoers’ tips. Marketers love Carnival. Help advertise a product. Haircare line. ASK FIRMLY WITHOUT Be kind.


Many parents will hire you if you are good with kids. Socialize it. You may earn money through babysitting.

Concerned about distant work? I recommend it. Learn how to promote your abilities, where to sell them, and how to make money passively. See the image!