How to make Windows 10 less curious?

Windows 10 has been a hot topic lately, and not just for good. While everyone agrees that the system is both stable and well done, quite a few people are also pointing fingers at its privacy settings. Yes, because the rascal would be a little too curious. Fortunately, it is possible to correct the situation quickly thanks to a small freeware : DoNotSpy10.

The tool in question is available on this page . If you click on this link, then you will come across a page written entirely in German.

How To Make Windows 10 Less Curious

Do you feel that you are being watched? Welcome to the 21st century and the information age.

Rest assured, however, because the software is also offered in the language of Shakespeare. Phew, here we are saved.

Certainly, but there are still a few points to consider. The tool is not available in a portable version and it will therefore have to be installed on your machine to be able to take advantage of its functions.

Choose Custom Install to Get Rid of Embedded Adware!

Too bad, of course, but it is not finished because the smart one also embeds another software, and more precisely an adware . You will have to go through the custom installation and uncheck the box that goes well to get rid of it.

It's a bit heavy, but unfortunately it will have to be done with.

On the function side, DoNotSpy10 is doing quite well. After launching it, it will display the list of all the options that may cause privacy issues. The user will then only have to uncheck those which do not inspire him confidence to get rid of them. If he wishes, he can also fire them all at once by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

No need to go through each menu, therefore.

I admit that this story of privacy settings leaves me quite perplexed. Okay, that's right, Windows 10 is very curious, there's no question about it. However, it is no more than Google, Facebook, Twitter or even Apple.

The only difference, ultimately, is that all these options are highlighted in the system settings.

But it goes for anything after all. The truth is, we are all constantly watched. And unless you go to the depths of the Creuse and give up everything that has to do with technology (especially the telephone), you have to learn to live with it.

Is that a reason not to say anything? No, of course not, but we should not play the frightened virgins either as soon as this question comes up on the carpet.


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