How to migrate to the new Firefox Sync?

Firefox Sync has been integrated into Mozilla's browser for quite some time. The service allows you to save certain data in the cloud, data such as our bookmarks, but also our passwords, our history and even our modules, among others. The usefulness is first of all to have a backup of these data in the event of a problem with your computer, but also and above all to be able to change platforms without interruption: if you activate Firefox Sync on your computer, you find the bookmarks you save there on Android.

It's convenient, and Firefox 29 came with something new other than Australis: the arrival of Firefox Sync accounts . If previously linking a new device to Firefox Sync was not very practical since it was necessary to go through a system of codes, from now on, a simple pair e-mail / password is enough, and it is rather good. But how do you migrate from the old system to the new one? This is precisely the question we will answer in this tutorial.

How To Migrate To The New Firefox Sync

You still have time to migrate Firefox Sync: Mozilla will continue to support the old system for some time to come. However, one day this will no longer be the case and you have to anticipate well before losing everything.

Also, if the old version of Sync will continue to sync your data, you won't be able to add new devices to this sync until you migrate. Let's take this opportunity to make an obvious little remark: to use the new system, you will of course need Firefox 29 or higher .

Disable everything to better synchronize

The first step in migrating to the new system is to turn off any current synchronization. For a moment, you will therefore be without synchronization, but rest assured, it does not last long.

Disabling synchronization works differently depending on whether you are on a computer or on Android. On a computer, go to Firefox preferences, and more specifically in the Sync panel. Then click on “ Remove this device ” and you're done.

How To Migrate To The New Firefox Sync 1

On Android, you have to go to the terminal settings. Yes, those of Android and not those of Firefox. You will find an “ Accounts ” section where there is a “ Firefox “ item. Go for it.

Then click on the name of your account then, in the panel that opens, open the menu (button at the top right, as usual) choose “ Delete account ”. That's all !

A new account, because it's better

The second step is of course to create a new Firefox Sync account . To do this, from a computer, go to the Firefox menu and click on “ Connect to synchronize “. From an Android terminal, you will find the same screen by going to the menu, and more precisely in the Settings , section Sync .

In both cases, all you have to do is complete the form to create your account after clicking the Start button, and voila. Simple and fast, you will then have to wait a little while for the first synchronization, time that you can of course devote to something else on Firefox itself without any problem.

How To Migrate To The New Firefox Sync 2

Let's connect our devices!

The last step will be more or less long depending on the number of devices you want to link to your account, since it is precisely about creating this link.

If you want to connect a computer, go to the menu and select “ Connect to synchronize “. On the page that appears you will find a Start button that you will have to click to reach a new page where you will find a link “ Already have an account? Log in ”. As you will surely have understood, all you have to do is click on this link and follow the procedure.

To pair an Android device, it's just as easy: in the menu, go to Settings and click Sync . The rest is then exactly the same as on a computer.

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It's over for this migration. Like what, it was rather simple, and it greatly facilitates life when we have to juggle between several devices, and more precisely with new devices since we no longer need to have an already connected device on hand.

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