How to migrate your iPhoto / Aperture library to Lightroom

iPhoto and Aperture will soon bow out in favor of new software developed by Apple. Photos, that's its name, will be available on the company's computers, but also on its mobile terminals. For the moment, little is known about it but Adobe obviously intends to take the opportunity to get out of the game. Proof of this, the famous publisher has just launched a special tool to allow you to migrate smoothly to Lightroom .

This is not really a surprise since this tool has been talking about it for a few weeks now, and more precisely since the release of this famous guide mentioned last August in this article .

How To Migrate Your Iphoto Aperture Library To Lightroom

Migrating to Lightroom is tasty.

However, it was not until this rainy month of October – not everyone lives in the south – to be able to get their hands on it.

Available at this address , this migration tool does not simply transpose the photos in your library to Lightroom. Actually, it will also recover a number of related data like flags , keywords , GPS data , rejected items and hidden files . For colored labels, for stacks and for tags relating to the identity of your subjects, you will have to be content with simple keywords.

Unsurprisingly, the utility only works on OS X. Also note that you will necessarily need Lightroom version 5.6 (at least) to be able to use it.

As far as I am concerned, I had started to manage my photo library with iPhoto, before switching to Aperture a little later. I then migrated to Lightroom last year and I have absolutely no regrets about taking the plunge. Aperture was very efficient, but the Lightroom interface suits me better.

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