How to plan your Facebook / Instagram stories?

Here is a piece of news that should make community managers happy! Mark Zuckerberg's firm recently announced the rollout of a new feature that will allow users to plan their Facebook and Instagram Stories. This option works through the Business Suite platform.

Those who follow the news of the Facebook group closely will not be surprised by this news. Indeed, on April 15, 2021, the social network announced the arrival of several features on Business Suite. This option will be of great help for professionals who will be able to better manage their posts on Facebook and Instagram .

How to plan your Facebook / Instagram stories?
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If you are curious about how this feature works, this is where it goes!

Accessible via the Business Suite interface

Everything is done via Facebook's Business Suite interface. It should be noted that this option only works on mobile for the moment. To get started, you will need to open Facebook Business Suite. When it's done, click on "Create a story." "

You will then be redirected to your image gallery. From there, you can choose the photo you want to story on Facebook and / or Instagram. As for a classic story, you will have the possibility to add text or stickers. For now, the options for customizing your stories via this new feature are still quite limited. For example, you cannot embed music or filters in it yet.

Schedule your stories in a few clicks

When you are happy with your story, you will need to click “Share. »You can choose to post it on Facebook and / or Instagram. You will then see the “Schedule options” section below the sharing option. This is where the planning of your story will take place. You can either "post it now" or choose the day you want to post it.

As we said above, Facebook still plans to unveil other options on Business Suite. We will notably mention the possibility of creating and managing albums from this interface. Soon, it will also be possible to create Facebook and Instagram posts that you can save as drafts via Business Suite. For the moment, it is not known when the deployment of these features will take place.

If you are not yet using Business Suite, you can try it out on your PC or by downloading the mobile app available on iOS and Android.

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